Thrilling visions during Formula E home race: BMW i presents a demeanour into a destiny in Berlin.

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Munich. Saturday outlines BMW i Andretti Motorsport’s home race
in a ABB FIA Formula E Championship: a BMW i Berlin E-Prix
presented by CBMM Niobium. In a support programme for a tenth
competition of a season, Formula E fans will knowledge a innovative
and technological capabilities of a BMW Group adult tighten and
personal. A accumulation of pretension partner BMW i activity areas invite
visitors to take a demeanour into a destiny of mobility and visualise
accurately how a BMW Group is actively moulding it.

“For a BMW Group, Formula E has been some-more than just
a competition array right from a start,” pronounced BMW Group Motorsport
Director Jens Marquardt. “In further to a sporting commitment, we
are regulating Formula E essentially as a height to denote innovative
and technological capabilities. The support programme during a home race
shows a many facets of a BMW Group’s forward-looking approach.
This is accurately a same as a proceed in growth where we have
determined an fit technological cycle between BMW i Motorsport
and BMW i, that advantages both us during a racetrack and BMW i
customers. The technical insights we benefit by a impassioned use in
Formula E upsurge directly behind into array development.”

Dr. Jens Thiemer, Head of BMW Brand Management, said: “The home
competition in Berlin is one of a highlights of a whole Formula E season
for us – and a ideal height for demonstrating how BMW i is
concerned in a pivotal areas of destiny activity in a automobile
industry. With a different BMW i Vision Experience, we entice visitors
in Berlin to knowledge for themselves how a BMW Group presents the
growth in a fields of design, programmed driving, connectivity,
foundation and services. In particular, I’m looking brazen to
a BMW i Vision Walk, that we grown in partnership with our
Primary Partner Magna. It creates for glorious party for the
whole family – and during a same time lets everybody know what we have
designed for a entrance years.”

BMW i Vision Walk.

BMW i and Magna designed a BMW i Vision Walk in close
collaboration. It takes visitors on a tour by a mobility
topics of a destiny that are grouped underneath a tenure D+ACES (design,
programmed driving, connectivity, foundation and services) during the
BMW Group. Holograms and interactive games explain background
information in an interesting way, creation a BMW i Vision Walk an
exciting, sundry experience.

BMW Vision iNEXT.

The BMW Vision iNEXT is on arrangement in a BMW i Experience Area in
a eVillage. The prophesy automobile offers discernment into what a BMW
iNEXT, due to be launched in 2021, has to offer in terms of
cutting-edge technology. With a ground-breaking record for
rarely programmed driving, intelligent connectivity, and innovative
arrangement control concepts, a BMW Vision iNEXT showcases totally new
ways to utilize pushing time. 

BMW Vision iNEXT Virtual Drive.

In a Virtual Drive, visitors knowledge a practical expostulate in a BMW
Vision iNEXT – accompanied by a BMW Intelligent Personal Assistant.
In further to a prophesy automobile on display, a sophisticated
mixed-reality designation provides an sense of what it is like
to expostulate autonomously, emission-free, and entirely connected in a BMW
Vision iNEXT. To start a simulation, a BMW Intelligent Personal
Assistant suggests an bulletin for a day and skeleton a activities for
a outing perfectly. With practical existence goggles and a
specially-designed spatial concept, visitors are means to immerse
themselves in this practical world. Initially, they expostulate a BMW Vision
iNEXT themselves, though a automobile shortly takes over a pushing function.

BMW i Co-Pilot Experience.

Visitors in Berlin can also knowledge unconstrained pushing for
themselves. At Tempelhof, a self-driving BMW i3 (combined fuel
expenditure 0.0 l/100 km; total appetite expenditure 13.1 kWh/100 km;
total CO2 emissions 0 g/km)* awaits a event to
denote a skills. Those attending a BMW i Co-Pilot Experience
use a smartphone to call a automobile over, concede it to expostulate them through
an barrier march and knowledge how a automobile afterwards parks and
manoeuvres by itself.

BMW i8 Roadster Safety Car.

After a phenomenon before a Monaco E-Prix (MON) dual weeks ago, the
BMW i8 Roadster Safety Car (combined fuel consumption: 2.0 l/100 km;
total appetite consumption: 14.5 kWh/100 km, total CO2
emissions: 46 g/km)* will be on standby in Berlin for a initial time
in a central ability as a reserve car. It is essentially through
a fantastic settlement that a automobile sets new standards. It is the
initial reserve automobile in a universe that can be deployed with an open
cockpit. The many distinguished characteristics of a spectacular
conformation are a back wing and a condensed windscreen.

The settlement continues a pattern, desirous by a BMW logo, of
swapping blue and white colour elements, already informed from the
BMW iFE.18 and a BMW i8 Coupe Safety Car, and enhances it with a
imitation that ideally fits open-top pushing and a context of street
races that are customary in Formula E.

The BMW i Support Vehicle Fleet.

BMW i is “Official Vehicle Partner” of a ABB FIA Formula E
Championship in Season 5. Spearheading a swift are dual Safety Cars:
The BMW i8 Roadster Safety Car, that has been specifically mutated for
use during a racetrack, and a BMW i8 Coupe Safety Car (combined fuel
consumption: 1.8 l/100 km; total appetite consumption: 14.0 kWh/100
km; total CO2 emissions: 42 g/km)*. The BMW i swift also
includes a BMW i3s (combined fuel consumption: 0.0 l/100 km;
total appetite consumption: 14.3 kWh; total CO2
emissions: 0 g/km)* as “Race Director Car” and a BMW 530e (combined
fuel consumption: 2.2-2.1 l/100 km; total appetite consumption:
13.6-13.3 kWh/100 km; total CO2 emissions: 49-47 g/km)*
in a purpose as “Medical Car”.

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