Timeless technology: a Erwin Sattler list time by Audi design

Posted on 16. Sep, 2013 by in Audi Canada

The Erwin Sattler list time by Audi pattern represents values that have always been of pinnacle significance during Audi: glorious technical performance, formidable peculiarity and a adore for detail. Audi practical a minimalist pattern to a list clock. The pure housing’s facilities are few in series though high in impact. A singular covering of reserve potion allows a approach perspective of a clock’s automatic movement. Thus André Georgi, Head of Product Design during a Audi Concept Design Studio in Munich, stays loyal to his strategy: “Design is a thoughtfulness of technology. This is because we really intentionally arrangement a technical sum of a clock.”

Two understated ruthenium-coated clasps reason a housing of a scarcely 30-centimeter (11.81 inches) high list time together. They lead a eye with their accurate edges to a clock’s middle workings. The hour and notation dial is further minimalist, with markings for a entertain hour, half hour and full hour. The clock’s 18,000 beats per hour safeguard well-spoken using of a change circle – a open that, together with a mass of a wheel, serves as a motor.

The designers placed sold significance on a interplay of a perplexing rigging wheels and a domestic hands. “The reward clockmaking imagination of a Erwin Sattler association and a excellent workmanship of a materials desirous us as we were conceptualizing a clock,” explained Philip Schlesinger, Designer during a Audi Concept Design Studio in Munich. The intensely light movement, that rests totally on round bearings, ensures a prolonged handling life. “The time will be a thing of beauty for generations to come,” Schlesinger said. “It was critical to us to make this underline manifest in a pattern judgment as well.”

The Erwin Sattler list time by Audi pattern can be systematic from Erwin Sattler Munich during www.erwinsattler.de.

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