Top-4 lockout for a BMW S 1000 RR racers during a Isle of Man TT and a special honour for BMW supplement Peter Hickman.

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Munich. The 2017 Isle of Man Tourist Trophy continued with
some-more success for a BMW S 1000 RR racers: Ian Hutchinson (GBR) led
a array of BMW riders in a top-4 lockout in a Superstock race.
In a Senior TT, Peter Hickman (GBR) finished second of a podium.
The BMW Motorrad Motorsport specialists have been on site on the
Isle of Man to support a BMW teams in scheming their RRs. In the
Canadian Superbike Championship (CSBK), Jordan Szoke (CAN) was
second in a stirring competition in Grand Bend (CAN). In addition, a BMW
Motorrad Motorsport racers have been in movement in South Africa and
Japan during a weekend.



Isle of Man Tourist Trophy.


After already being winning in a Superbike race, Tyco BMW rider
Ian Hutchinson (GBR) won Wednesday’s Superstock competition in a dominant
manner. In a race, a BMW S 1000 RR riders claimed a top-4 lockout
and no fewer than 6 BMWs crossed a line within a top-10.


Hutchinson took a lead on a opening lap, stayed in front over the
whole 4 path stretch and crossed a line with an advantage of
over 22 seconds. It was “Hutchy’s” 16th TT win and his
fifth in a Superstock race, creation him a record hilt in this
category, a many successful Superstock TT supplement of all time. Peter
Hickman (GBR) and his Smiths Racing group again cumulative second place as
they did with a RR in a Superbike race. Third place on a rostrum
went to internal favourite Dan Kneen. It was a special outcome for a Manxman
as it was a lass TT lectern for him as good as for Team
BMW Motorrad Motorsport. Michael Rutter (GBR / Bathams SMT) completed
a top-4 lockout in fourth. David Johnson (AUS / Fleetwood Grab
Services BMW) and Jamie Coward (GBR / Radcliffe’s Racing) finished the
Superstock competition in eighth and ninth respectively.


In Friday’s Senior TT, Hutchinson was fighting for his third victory
of a week though unfortunately crashed on a second lap, pang a
damaged femur. We wish “Hutchy” a rapid recovery. The competition was
red-flagged and re-started over a stretch of 4 laps. Hickman
once some-more claimed second place on a lectern – after a Superbike
race, a Superstock competition and his dual 600 cc races, it was his fifth
lectern of a week earning him a desired “Joey Dunlop Championship
Trophy” for a best altogether opening of a competition week. Smiths
Racing won a prize awarded to a best team. Rutter finished the
Senior TT in fifth place, while Martin Jessopp (GBR / Riders
Motorcycles) was ninth.


Peter Hickman: “What can we say, it’s been an
positively unimaginable week and 5 podiums from 5 races is mega.
The initial partial of a Senior TT was moulding adult to be a cracker and
Hutchy and we were neck and neck. It was a contrition what happened to
Hutchy and we wish him good for a rapid recovery. The re-start went
ideally for me, there wasn’t as many hold out there due to all the
sleet we’ve had though detached from that, a competition was mint. The boys did a
good pursuit during a array stop and nonetheless Michael Dunlop was that bit
stronger than me, we did what we indispensable to do and got another second
place. we came here with no podiums and to leave with 5 is amazing.”


Dan Kneen: “All in all it was only a mega TT 2017. We
had some issues, though above all we got a initial podium. It was not
only my initial TT podium, it was also a initial one for a
BMW Motorrad Motorsport group and that done us all grin some-more than ever
before. We had worked tough to get that success though it takes some time
to penetrate in. we simply hold a movement going after a fifth place in
Superbike TT, that was my best outcome on a large bikes compartment then, and
then, in Superstock, we upped a game. The Senior TT was a bit of a
reduction of fortunes with carrying to start twice and not each day is
a same. Still we am happy with 12th as it is a some-more than
clever outcome here during home during my island.”


Unfortunately, this year’s Isle of Man Tourist Trophy was
overshadowed by 3 deadly accidents. Our thoughts are with the
families, friends and teams of Alan Bonner, a member of a BMW racing
community, of Jochem outpost basement Hoek and of Davey Lambert.



Canadian Superbike Championship in Grand Bend, Canada.


The second turn of a 2017 Canadian Superbike Championship (CSBK)
was hold in Grand Bend (CAN) during a weekend. Reigning champion Jordan
Szoke (CAN) once again cumulative stick position and a fastest competition lap
on his Mopar Express Lane BMW Superbike Team BMW S 1000 RR– though his
strain of 15 wins in a quarrel given early 2015 finished in an eventful and
red-flagged race. Szoke was second, 0.4 seconds behind leader Bodhi
Edie (CAN).


Over many of a competition distance, there was a three-way conflict during the
tip between Szoke, his associate BMW supplement Ben Young (GBR / Ben Young
Racing) and Edie. With 3 laps to go, Young high-sided and a race
was red-flagged with no restart. Edie was personal as a leader and
Szoke in second place. Samuel Trépanier (CAN / Blysk Racing) was
fourth and Michael Leon (CAN / Royal Distributing Racing Team) sixth.


Jordan Szoke: “Of march it is unsatisfactory to have
an finish to a winning strain though we was a quickest supplement this
weekend, and we’re still here and we got second place. We were on
pole, we led a many laps, and it’s about a championship for us. I
wish to honour Bodhi who ran intensely well. Now we demeanour forward
to a subsequent race.”



South African Motorcycle Road Racing Championship during a Red
Star Raceway, South Africa.


The fifth turn of a 2017 South African Motorcycle Road Racing
Championship (RSA SBK) was hold during a Red Star Raceway (RSA) during the
weekend. Lance Isaacs (RSA / Supabets Sandton BMW Motorrad) was the
top placed BMW supplement in a dual races, channel a line in
seventh and 8 respectively. David McFadden (RSA / RPM Centre
Sandton Auto/BMW Motorrad) finished ninth on both occasions.



MFJ Superbike All Japan Road Race Championship in Sugo, Japan.


The BMW S 1000 RR racers in a MFJ Superbike All Japan Road Race
Championship (MFJ) were in movement in Motegi (JPN) during a weekend. Yuta
Kodama (JPN / Tone RT Syncedge 4113) crossed a line in
22nd, while Daisaku Sakai (JPN / BMW Motorrad 39) unsuccessful to finish.



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