The all-new Ford Edge demonstrates what happens when a proven personality gets even better. The strange crossover application car from Ford is commissioned with some-more technology, aloft levels of craftsmanship and severely softened car dynamics. Here are a 8 sparkling new things about a all-new 2015 Ford Edge.

8 – The Edge represents a initial Ford car to underline customary EcoBoost power.

The twin-scroll 2.0-litre EcoBoost engine offers an estimated 245 horsepower. Beyond potency advantages, this new engine will also yield some-more capability. The EcoBoost engine is a twin-scroll settlement enabling optimized camshaft timing for softened engine opening and reduced turbo lag. A new, lighter engine retard casting along with new aluminum change missile public shaves 6 pounds from a engine’s gravitational weight. The all-new Edge has a energy you’re looking for with a combined advantage of fuel efficiency.

7 – The Edge is not usually some-more lush and comfortable, though also quieter.

This is achieved by softened sealing of a body, sound insulation improvements, and powertrains that are softened removed from a cabin that creates for a quieter ride. So now your prolonged drives can be some-more pacific than ever.

6 – The Edge will be a initial Ford to underline adaptive steering technology.

A customary underline on a Edge Sport and accessible on a new Titanium series, adaptive steering changes a ratio between your actions during a steering circle – a series of turns – and how many a front wheels turn. In normal steering systems, this is a bound steering ratio. With Ford adaptive steering, a steering ratio ceaselessly changes with car speed, optimizing steering response in all situations. At reduce speeds a new complement creates a car some-more flexible and easier to turn. At highway speeds, a complement serve optimizes steering response, enabling a Edge to conflict some-more uniformly and precisely to your input. And some-more control means a some-more manageable and fun drive.

5 – An all-new physique and suspension.

The Edge has a new physique structure and redesigned cessation – front and back – grown privately to softened besiege highway abnormality and catch sound though compromising handling. As a result, a Edge is good matched for an bland commute, though prepared to conflict when a highway opens up.

4 – Manually name gears with race-inspired paddles on a steering wheel.

The SelectShift delivery facilities dual modes of operation – expostulate and sport. Sport mode offers a some-more assertive change pattern, permitting a engine to rev aloft during acceleration, and reason reduce gears longer to support spirited, fast-paced sessions.

Unlike many paddle-shift systems, a Edge six-speed involuntary is always “live in drive,” so we won’t have to name competition mode to capacitate operation. SelectShift puts we in finish control of a all-new Edge.

3 – Quality craftsmanship inside and out.

Overall, a 2015 Edge represents a poignant pierce brazen in both element and visible quality. Throughout a vehicle, seams are tighter and some-more consistent, and a settlement has been executed in a approach that reduces visible cut lines. Ford designers and engineers worked out a smallest of details, such as rethinking how a front doors accommodate a instrument panel, simplifying merging points and shortening intensity fixing issues. And interjection in partial to intelligent settlement work and next-generation seats that are thinner and some-more supportive, a interior of a new Edge is incomparable and some-more spacious.

2 – Built in Canada.

In credentials for 2015 Edge production, Ford’s Oakville Assembly Complex has been propitious with some-more than 250 new, some-more modernized robots to urge a build peculiarity and repeatability opening of a equipment. Many of these robots have been commissioned to work to a many perfectionist levels of pointing – with duties that need thousandths of an in. correctness to safeguard repeatable, high-quality assembly. Production for a 2015 Edge will take place in Canada, though a car will be sole in over 100 markets.

1 – The Edge represents a new turn of record for softened driving.

The 2015 Edge will be a record personality for Ford with a apartment of customary and accessible technologies designed to urge a pushing knowledge and a turn of passenger comfort. Technologies being offering for a initial time embody adaptive steering, extended active park assist, side parking sensors and a 180-degree front camera with washer. The 2015 Edge will also have accessible Ford pushing technologies like retreat intuiting systems, foot-activated liftgate, SYNC® with MyFord Touch®, and lane-keeping system.

Want to check out all a new features, designs and record for a all-new 2015 Ford Edge? Glad we asked.

*Available early 2015. Pre-production vehicles shown. Vehicles might be shown with discretionary features. Check with your play for accessibility in your area.