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Fifty years ago this week, one of a many conspicuous talents in a whole story of veteran tennis won his final grand impact during a US Open. To applaud a start of a 2018 tournament, we took vital fable Rod Laver for a spin in a 911 GT3RS. And who improved to do a circle work than a possess former universe champion and associate Australian Mark Webber?

Laver won 11 Grand Slams and an startling 200 singles titles in his career. He is also a usually male to have achieved a purify brush of slams in a singular year in a Open era. Physically slight and a comparatively medium 5ft 8” in height, he but dominated a pro and pledge general tennis stage for a best partial of a decade, displaying what many experts regarded as a ideal serve-and-volley technique, corroborated adult by a fatal maladroit offer and standard antipodean tenacity.

GT3 RS: street-legal expansion of a 991.2 array 911

Today, all a 80-year-old Laver has to do is lay behind and (try to) relax as his equally committed countryman unleashes Porsche’s latest Rennsport road-racer around a parsimonious and circuitous circuit of a Porsche Experience Centre in Silverstone.

The GT3 RS was launched progressing this year, a competition-honed street-legal expansion of a 991.2 array 911, with 9,000rpm and 520 PS (Fuel expenditure total 12.8 l/100 km; CO2 emissions 291 g/km) permitted from a windy 4.0-litre flat-six. Rose-jointed suspension, extended aerodynamics and increasing downforce betrothed even some-more concentration than a GT3 that came before it, creation this a ultimate countenance of Weissach’s normally-aspirated road/race programme.

Mark demonstrates a prerequisite of a well-spoken pushing style

As Mark gradually builds a speed into a brief straights and quick bends of a PEC, we can see a warn on Rod’s face branch to mystification and delight. The acceleration, a braking, a cornering hold on a skilfully offset throttle. Mark demonstrates a prerequisite of a well-spoken pushing style, total with a veteran racer’s healthy ability to dispatch a automobile right adult to a limit.

Laver, still a cold conduct in a feverishness of battle, stays impressively ease throughout, enjoying each sensation, examination a associate diver during work, marvelling during a inlet of Porsche’s many formidable lane weapon. It’s been an honour for us to spend a small time and have a small fun with this many renowned of sporting gentlemen.

Watch a video here:

Rod Laver and Mark Webber pushing a 911 GT3 RS Play

911 GT3 RS: Fuel expenditure total 12.8 l/100 km; CO2 emissions 291 g/km

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