Toyota aims to emanate a some-more thorough multitude around Tokyo 2020

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TOKYO (Aug. 24, 2018) – As a worldwide partner of a Olympic and Paralympic Games, Toyota Motor Corporation is ancillary Para sports and contributing to formulating a some-more thorough multitude during a grassroots level, as good as by team-work with The Tokyo Organising Committee of a Olympic and Paralympic Games (Tokyo 2020 Organising Committee) and a broader business village in Japan. During a arriving Paralympic Games, Toyota will inspire serve seductiveness in Para sports around a universe while providing “Mobility for All” solutions.

Speaking on Toyota’s concentration on a Paralympics, Akio Toyoda, President of Toyota Motor Corporation, said, “Through my meetings with Sir Philip Craven when he was President of a International Paralympic Committee in 2015, and with many Para athletes since, we have turn even some-more committed to a thought that Toyota should yield mobility solutions for all people. With this in mind, we are holding stairs as a mobility company, not only by creation ‘ever-better cars’, though also by aiming to residence several mobility needs above and over cars.”

He continued, “I am assured this tour will assistance us conclude differences as individuality, and lead us to giveaway ourselves from a arrange of bound meditative that can reason behind vast organizations like ours, and from prejudice and taste in multitude during large. we see Toyota’s impasse with a Paralympic mutation as holding a wilful step toward a thought of “One Toyota” and as a common step to assistance grasp Sir Philip’s motto, “One World, One Dream, One People.”

“Toyota’s aim of ‘Mobility for All’ is not only for those with impairments, though has broader implications for all people, and therefore has special meaning,” pronounced Sir Philip Craven, a member of Toyota Motor Corporation’s house of directors given Jun 2018. “The initial time Akio Toyoda visited a IPC domicile a few years back, he available ‘Fight for a Future. One World, One Dream, One People, One Toyota.’ in a guestbook, and that left a clever sense on me. we came to trust that fighting together with Toyota might truly lead to a improved destiny where all people will be means to have a leisure to move.”

Toyota is ancillary a Paralympic mutation by inner activities involving a employees, and by operative in partnership with Tokyo 2020 Organising Committee and a All Japan Business Committee.

I. Grassroots activities towards an thorough multitude by Toyota employees

In 2017, Toyota began grassroots activities around a universe associated to expanding seductiveness in Para sports, including:

a) Activities to enhance seductiveness in Para sports

When signing a agreement to turn worldwide partner of a IPC, Toyota also sealed an agreement to turn a partner to approximately 180 internal National Paralympic Committees (NPCs). Working closely with any NPC, Toyota aims to boost and rise seductiveness in Para sports globally.

  1. Technology support for Para athletes:

    • Toyota is serious itself to rise apparatus for Para athletes with a technological capabilities and engineering expertise schooled from creation cars in America, Japan, and Germany.
    • For a PyeongChang 2018 Paralympic Winter Games, Toyota worked with other apparatus developers and athletes, including alpine skier Taiki Morii, on a growth of a new chair ski, and cross-country skier and biathlete Andrea Eskau, on a growth of a ski-sled with Toyota Motor Sports GmBH.
    • Looking forward to Tokyo 2020, Toyota RD employees are combining plan teams to take on a plea of improving apparatus used by athletes in a summer para sports.
  2. Support to National Paralympic Committees:

    • The Agitos Foundation, a IPC’s growth arm, is a heading tellurian classification for building Para competition as a apparatus for changing lives and contributing to an thorough multitude for all. It works with NPCs and other organizations around a world.
    • The worldwide partnership agreement between Toyota and a IPC has done it probable for a Agitos Foundation to broach a module called “NPC Development Programme powered by Toyota”, that offers support and training in a areas of organizational development, competition technical training and contestant development. The design is to boost a organizational capability and professionalism of NPCs so they can improved enhance a strech of Para sports in their countries.
    • In several countries, operative closely with a NPCs, Toyota aims to enhance seductiveness in Para sports by operative with internal populations and by joining internal businesses to any NPC.
  3. Activities to boost recognition of Para sports:

    • Toyota became a bullion partner of a Japan Boccia Association in May 2017 and a central unite of a Japan Wheelchair Basketball Association.
    • With these dual partnerships as a focal point, Toyota will assistance boost recognition of Para sports by hosting experiential events in regions in Japan, providing operational volunteers, and by carrying Toyota employees attend internal Para sports events, ancillary a athletes, generally those where Toyota worker athletes are competing.
    • Additionally, Toyota is sponsoring other vital general Para competitions, such as a 2018 World Para Swimming European Championships hold in Dublin, Ireland from Aug 13-19.
  4. Employment and sponsorship:

    • Toyota already employs and sponsors a vast series of athletes, both within and outward of Japan, including Para athletes.
    • In addition, Toyota is exploring how it might occupy some-more Para athletes around a world.
  5. The Toyota Mobility Foundation (TMF) “Mobility Unlimited Challenge”

    • As a apart entity, a Toyota Mobility Foundation is now regulating a tellurian thought contest, a “Mobility Unlimited Challenge,” aiming to rise innovative assistive collection to assistance yield a leisure of mutation to those with impairments. The plea was released in Nov 2017, and a winning thought will accept adult to $4 million USD in growth support. The leader is scheduled to be announced during Tokyo 2020.

b) Activities associated to mobility solutions

Toyota is intent in activities with several stakeholders and internal communities in Japan to support a mutation of people with singular travel options.

  1. Regional travel assistance project:

    (Joint corroboration plan in Akita Prefecture, Yokota City)

    • With a disappearing population, a people in Yokota City are saying reductions in a scheduled sight routes they rest on.
    • To say these routes, Toyota is providing assistive vehicles (WelCab) during no cost. The vehicles are driven by paid volunteers over a age of 60, operated by a city, and use 6 tiny towns in a area.
    • By participating in activities to say routes in a area and operative with internal authorities and residents to assistance yield choice ways to pierce from place to place, Toyota is means to minister to internal needs by exploring intensity solutions to mobility problems.
    • Similar activities are now being deliberate for additional regional/rural towns and villages within Japan.
  2. Barrier-free graduation plan with train-transport operators:

    • Toyota has started operative with sight operators in a Kanto and Chubu areas of Japan to exercise barrier-free options.
    • Toyota is regulating a expertise and knowledge it has gained from a possess systems during a factories to urge accessibility during open travel locations.

II. Contribution to a Tokyo 2020 Games

As worldwide partner of a Olympic and Paralympic Games, in further to a mobility solutions that it will yield to a Games, Toyota will also work with a dealers, organisation companies and Tokyo 2020 Organising Committee, a Japanese supervision and a city of Tokyo in a following ways:

  1. Everyone’s Medal Project (“Minna no Medaru” Project)

    • Toyota’s Japanese dealers opposite a nation are participating in a “Everyone’s Medal Project” promoted by a Tokyo 2020 Organising Committee in team-work with a Ministry of the Environment and a City of Tokyo.
    • The plan aims to make 5,000 gold, silver, and bronze medals for Tokyo 2020 by collecting and recycling steel from tiny and unstable electronics.
    • To do this, Toyota will be fixation return/recycling boxes during some-more than 6,000 Toyota and Lexus dealers and Toyota Rent-a-Lease dealers national starting from Sep 2018, where people can pierce in their aged unstable electronic inclination such as new dungeon phones, etc. and minister to a tolerable society.
  2. Employee Volunteerism

    • For Tokyo 2020, Toyota will be ancillary and compelling volunteerism in several ways, including charity hundreds of dealer, organisation company, and a possess employees a event to attend as games volunteers for a Games.

III. Activities with a business universe in Japan

To support a Games, a business village in Japan combined a “All Japan Business Committee” with a design of formulating bequest for Tokyo 2020 and a destiny after a Games. The organisation is a entrance together of 3 Japan economic/business organizations: a Japan Business Federation, a Japan Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and a Japan Association of Corporate Executives. Akio Toyoda is ancillary a bid by chairing a Committee that is enlivening a appearance of companies vast and tiny national in team-work with state and internal governments and polite society.

  1. Experiencing Para sports

    • Toyota and a All Japan Business Committee will lower bargain of Para sports by formulating opportunities for people to accommodate athletes and knowledge their sports.
    • There have already been some-more than 2,500 people from approximately 280 organizations that have participated and been connected directly to a national movement, and Toyota athletes or staff took partial in all of them.
  2. Creating a barrier-free map / Conducting training for barrier-free access

    • Progress is being done per efforts to emanate a barrier-free map, formed on open information collected on information collected around city by association volunteers.
    • As of Jul 2018, information about barriers has been collected from 12 cities around Japan during 54 companies.
    • From final year, Toyota has been conducting barrier-free training, and has speedy employees to attend in cities’ activities in roles as operational staff and/or volunteers.
  3. Combined business product muster (Tohoku, Kyushuu Recovery Support)
    • Providing venues and volunteers, Toyota has upheld activities of a All Japan Business Committee-run “Japan City Expo,” an muster of products from businesses hold in cities by Japan to foster a lure of Japan formed on a themes of normal enlightenment and Olympic revival.
    • The All Japan Business Committee, operative together with a chambers of commerce and attention in vital civil areas nationwide, has hold exhibitions in 6 civil areas in Japan with a thesis of ancillary a reconstruction of these regions strike by serious healthy disasters in new years. Since Jul 2018 volunteers offering by approximately 300 organizations and companies, including Toyota, have participated. 
  4. Promoting Japan’s technological leadership

    • The All Japan Business Committee has collected a latest cutting-edge technologies from opposite Japan that will support Tokyo 2020, and has non-stop a corner record business “COUNTDOWN SHOWCASE” vaunt together with Japan’s Ministry of Economy, Trade, and Industry.
    • The vaunt highlights 40 tiny and medium-size companies in Tokyo. Toyota exhibited a Mirai fuel dungeon electric automobile and a Human Support Robot (HSR) designed to support tellurian lifestyle activities.

About Toyota’s Top Olympic Partnership and Worldwide Paralympic Partnership

Toyota became a central worldwide mobility partner of a Olympic and Paralympic Committees in 2015 for a 2017-2024 period, covering a Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games PyeongChang 2018 (South Korea) and Beijing 2022 (China) and a Olympic and Paralympic Games of Tokyo 2020 (Japan) and Paris 2024 (France). As a partner, Toyota aims to inspire formulating a pacific multitude but taste by sports and is committed to formulating a tolerable multitude by mobility. Toyota’s values of continual alleviation and honour for people are common by The Olympic and Paralympic Games, that brings together a whole universe in loyalty and oneness to applaud a top fulfilment of tellurian potential. Toyota believes that mobility goes over cars; it is about overcoming hurdles and creation dreams come true, that is encapsulated in a company’s “Start Your Impossible” corporate beginning and is a basement for a mutation from a automobile association to a mobility company. When we are giveaway to move, anything is possible.


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