Toyota Robots Help People Experience Their Dreams of Attending a Olympic and Paralympic Games Tokyo 2020

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Olympic 2020 Robots


TOKYO, Japan, Jul 22, 2019—Toyota Motor Corporation (TMC), as a worldwide partner of a Olympic and Paralympic Games, aims to yield mobility solutions that go over providing central vehicles for a Olympic and Paralympic Games Tokyo 2020. One approach Toyota is doing this is by participating in a “Tokyo 2020 Robot Project”, a plan led by a Tokyo Organising Committee of a Olympic and Paralympic Games (Tokyo 2020) that brings a government, Tokyo Metropolitan government, as good as Games’ partners together with experts in a margin of robotics. At Tokyo 2020, a robots to be introduced by Toyota will be used to support a mobility of people during several locations and venues. By assisting people feel and knowledge their hopes and dreams, Toyota believes it will be means to offer minister to a fad and success of a Tokyo 2020 Games.

Nobuhiko Koga, Chief Officer of Toyota’s Frontier Research Center, said:“At Toyota, we use industrial drudge record for a accumulation of applications formed on a loyalty to ‘Supporting tellurian life activities and vital in peace with people’. For example, given 2004, we have grown partner robots focused on support for people incompetent to pierce on their own, including a aging population. Now, as we renovate into a mobility company, we are expanding a robotics efforts to yield all people with a leisure to move. ‘Mobility for all’ is not usually a ‘physical’ transformation of a chairman or thing from one plcae to another, though also includes ‘virtual’ mobility of a person. This provides offer opportunities to knowledge new things, accommodate and correlate with others, or to be ‘moved’ emotionally. At Tokyo 2020, we wish to constraint a imagination of spectators by providing support robots as we do a partial to make a Games a success.”

*Robots used during Tokyo 2020 might have opposite designs

Tokyo 2020 Mascot Robot

Miraitowa / Someity (Mascot Robot)


  • To make this a many innovative and technologically modernized Games in history, a Tokyo 2020 and Toyota are operative to rise a “mascot robot”
  • In further to welcoming athletes and guest to central venues, Toyota is now deliberation skeleton for a new approach for a Games to be enjoyed by children in Japan, around a mascot robot
  • The mascot drudge will both concede expressions of arm movements around a remote-location robot, and share force-feedback from interactions
  • Via a camera mounted on a robot’s head, it can commend people nearby, and once recognized, use a eyes to respond with/show a accumulation of expressions
  • By equipping a robotwith tiny corner units opposite a whole body, a drudge offers coherence when being controlled,and a users can work a drudge safely and with high operational functionality

T-HR3 (Humanoid Robot)


  • Toyota will yield a singular approach for other guest in remote/distant locations that are incompetent to be physically benefaction to correlate with athletes around a T-HR3 and Mascot robots
  • Specifically, a T-HR3 robots will be means to imitate transformation from a mascot drudge in a remote plcae in scarcely real-time. In further to providing images and sounds from a remote locations, these drudge users will also be means to knowledge a energy of transformation and force-feedback, permitting them to inverse with and high-five athletes and others, feeling as if they were truly physically present

T-TR1 (Remote plcae communication Robot)


  • T-TR1 is a practical mobility/tele-presence drudge grown by Toyota Research Institute in a United States.  It is versed with a camera atop a large, near-lifesizedisplay
  • By raised an picture of a user from a remote location, a drudge will assistance that chairman feel some-more physically benefaction during a robot’s location
  • With T-TR1, Toyota will give people that are physically incompetent to attend a events such as a Games a possibility to probably attend, with an on-screen participation able of review between a dual locations

HSR: Human Support Robot / DSR: Delivery Support Robot


  • For a apportionment of a permitted seating seats during a Olympic Stadium, a Toyota Human Support Robot HSR will beam guest to their chair and communicate light meals, goods, and etc. for them, assisting them to some-more openly suffer a competition
  • Also, a Toyota Deliver Support Robot DSR, specifically grown for Tokyo 2020, will directly broach drinks and other products to spectators that they have systematic from a dedicated tablet
  • At lane and margin events, with approx. 500 seats during a Olympic Games and another 500 for a Paralympic Games, a robots are approaching to offer over 1,000 spectators requiring mobility assistance(Each territory is approaching to have 16 rows with 32 seats)

FSR: Field Support Robot (Field Event Support Robot)


  • Special-use robots versed with unconstrained functions as partial of throwing eventuality (i.e. javelin) operations during a Olympic Stadium
  • While last a optimal track to travel, a FSR will follow handling staff on a trail that avoids obstacles while retrieving and conveying throwing eventuality items
  • By regulating a FSR, a aim is to revoke a volume of time indispensable to collect equipment as good as revoke a volume of staff labor for a events
  • Toyota and Tokyo 2020 will be operative with a International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF) in building a FSR for a Tokyo 2020 Games.

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