trendence study: Audi is a tip employer

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• Top rankings once again among students of engineering and business management
• Stephan Meier, Head of International Human Resources: “Important acknowledgment
  for Audi as an appealing and forward-looking company”
• Some 1,200 positions empty in a future-oriented fields of electric mobility and digitization

Making visions into “Vorsprung” – a growth engineers of tomorrow would cite to do that during Audi. In a latest investigate by trendence, a investigate institute, a code with a Four Rings was ranked in initial place for a ninth time in period by engineering students. Audi also gained a tip ranking once again from students of business management, holding second place. As an innovative company, Audi wants to strengthen a workforce with 1,200 some-more employees in a many critical areas for a future. Digitization is increasingly formulating new jobs.

Audi is formulation for a destiny and is so rarely appealing for a engineers of tomorrow in Germany. According to a new investigate by a trendence institute, a association is a many adored employer for this aim group. The investigate surveyed 37,000 students during universities in Germany in a past 6 months. “We courtesy these formula as critical affirmation,” settled Stephan Meier, Head of International and Top Management Human Resources during AUDI AG. “Young growth engineers conclude that we are rethinking a mobility of a destiny and are creatively disrupting a automotive world.” Meier believes that a company’s corporate enlightenment plays an critical role: “At Audi, we inspire open contention and deliberately place even some-more concentration on a topics of trust and respect.” Students of business government are also captivated by this attitude. They once again gave Audi a really good ranking of second place among their elite employers.

Audi offers immature gifted people and experts sparkling tasks in an sourroundings of innovative modernized record and complicated workplaces. That includes some-more than 200 stretchable working‑time models, particular possibilities for serve qualification, extensive health care, countless programs for mixing family life and operative life, and a choice of intentional amicable activities. In a operative environment, employees have augmenting entrance to digital communication platforms and interactive applications, permitting some-more feedback and independence.

Additional jobs are also being combined in tie with digitization. This year alone, Audi aims to partisan some 1,200 people in a many critical areas for a destiny during a German sites in Ingolstadt and Neckarsulm; many of them will yield support in a areas of Audi bond services and IT. IT students also reliable Audi’s lure as an employer in a trendence study: They continue to see a vehicle manufacturer in a tip 10 of a many renouned intensity employers in Germany.

The trendence ranking continues a successful start to a year for a Audi Group. The vehicle manufacturer was already comparison as “top employer” in Belgium and Italy in a initial quarter. Audi Hungaria recently perceived an endowment as “Most appealing employer.” In Mexico, before a plant starts operations, Audi is already among a tip 5 elite employers with a many critical aim groups. Audi China has been comparison as “Best Employer Top 100” and is a usually unfamiliar vehicle association to be awarded “Most appealing top‑ten employer among females.” By a finish of this year, a Audi Group will have prolongation comforts during 17 sites in 13 countries.

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