Two MINI ALL4 Racing crews on a lectern during Abu Dhabi Desert Challenge. Four MINI ALL4 Racing finish in tip five.

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Press release

08 Apr 2016


Two MINI ALL4 Racing crews on a lectern during Abu Dhabi Desert
Challenge. Four MINI ALL4 Racing finish in tip five.


Positive start for MINI and a MINI ALL4 Racing in a 2016 FIA
Cross Country World Cup. Yazeed Al Rajhi takes second place overall.
Mikko Hirvonen is third.



Munich. The MINI ALL4 Racing organisation of Yazeed Al Rajhi
(KSA) and co-driver Timo Gottschalk (GER) finished a Abu Dhabi
Desert Challenge, turn dual of a 2016 FIA Cross Country World Cup,
with a hard-earned second place. Joining them on a soap-box in third
place was a associate MINI ALL4 Racing organisation of Mikko Hirvonen (FIN) and
Michel Perin (FRA).


Further success for MINI came with 4 MINI ALL4 Racing completing
a foe within a tip five, and a sum of 5 of these iconic
long-distance cross-country convene cars finished within a tip ten.


The pairing of Yazeed Al Rajhi and Timo Gottschalk valid to be an
well-developed one with a tip 5 finish during a finish of each theatre of
a Abu Dhabi Desert Challenge. “I’m unequivocally happy,” pronounced Al Rajhi. “It
is not an easy rally. There are a lot of risks in a dunes since of
a high drops and a sand. We managed it good and tranquil our
foe to grasp a position.”


Mikko Hirvonen (FIN) once again showed because he and co-driver Michel
Perin (FRA) are a force to be reckoned with. Although this eventuality was
Hirvonen’s longest dried foe to date, he took a theatre win (St 4) and
finished third place overall.


Hirvonen: “Five days of usually dunes and silt creates it a lot tougher
than we thought. It has finished me persperate some-more than we ever have. But still,
it was a good knowledge and it has been a good week. To finish third
is a good result.”


For American Bryce Menzies, a Abu Dhabi Desert Challenge was his
initial foe during a controls of a MINI ALL4 Racing – and a initial race
he has had to contend with 5 days continual racing in desert
conditions. For these reasons alone it is small consternation he and
co-driver Andreas Schulz (GER) were celebrating their fourth place at
a finish of this challengine race.


Menzies: “It was unequivocally severe for a initial integrate of days;
removing stranded twice. If it wasn’t for these mistakes we would have
finished unequivocally well. Overall it felt unequivocally good to be in a MINI ALL4
Racing; training what it can do and what it can take. Despite feeling
ill for a final integrate of days a foe was a genuine blast.”


Jakub Przygonski (POL) with Tom Colsoul (BEL) in MINI ALL4 Racing
#209 continued his training bend of racing on four-wheels. The former
motorcycle convene supplement placed his MINI ALL4 racing in fifth place at
a finish of a 5 day race.


“I enjoyed a foe a lot, pronounced Przygonski, “because we schooled a lot
on how to foe tough in a dunes. we have also schooled a turn of
foe in a cars is a same as with a bikes and that it is
unequivocally high. So yes, we am happy with a result.”


United Arab Emirates motorist Sh. Khalid Al Qassimi and co-driver
Khalid Al Kendi (Abu Dhabi Racing #203) were a fifth MINI ALL4
Racing organisation to finish inside a tip 10 with a dynamic seventh place.


German twin Stephan Schott and Holm Schmidt staged a magnificent
liberation after slipping behind in a foe sequence on day 3 of a Abu
Dhabi Desert Challenge. At a finish of a final theatre (St 5) they
finished in 11th  to secure 18th overall.


The Russian span of Vladimir Vasilyev/Konstantin Zhiltsov (#201)
became front runners among a MINI ALL4 Racing during a early
stages of a rally. Unfortunately an occurrence mid-point of a race
led to retirement.



2016 Abu Dhabi Desert Challenge: MINI ALL4 Racing positions at
foe end




Race calendar: 2016 FIA World Cup for Cross Country Rallies.


19/02 – 22/02 Baja Russia
02/04 – 7/04 Abu Dhabi Desert
17/04 – 22/04 Sealine Cross-Country Rally Qatar
08/05 – 15/05 Pharaons Rally
23/06 – 26/06 Italian Baja
22/07 – 24/07 Baja Aragón
11/08 – 14/08 HunGarian Baja

25/08 – 28/08 Baja Poland

03/10 – 08/10 Rallye Oilibya du Maroc
21/10 – 23/10 Baja
Portalegre 500


Find reports, photos and videos in high fortitude of prior MINI
ALL4 Racing activity on a BMW Media Website by clicking here.

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