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Greg O’Keefe takes a drag on his cigarette and thinks for a moment. “I contingency have got my hands on some-more than 50 Porsche 356”, he says matter-of-factly while solemnly exhaling a fume from his lungs. The unrestrained for a Stuttgart formula was radically desirous by his teacher, who gathering a 356C Coupé. “But we also fell in adore with a ideally done body,” he clarifies. “My clergyman pronounced we would never possess a Porsche.” Greg’s propagandize outlines left most to be desired. Spurred on by this vicious statement, he did not finish adult tip of a class. But he managed to get a income he indispensable to buy a Porsche during utterly an early stage. In 1971, during a age of 17, he had flogged so many Porsche tools that he could means a 1956 356A Coupé for a whopping 400 Australian dollars (about 450 USD). Dream series one was fulfilled, and his passion for collecting kindled.

From 356A Coupé to 356 convertible

Greg was indeed “only” a overpass builder. A badly paid back-breaking pursuit – usually as his clergyman had predicted. But deceit is some-more than a compare for bad propagandize outlines in a prolonged term. Greg brought his coupé adult to blemish and sole it during a profit. His subsequent automobile was a 356 convertible. He gathering it for 160,000 kilometres. The air-cooled business was removing improved and better, and Greg bought and sole roughly each month. It was also in 1971 when he saw a split-screen coupé with a framework series 11186 for a initial time. “It was dark yellow and was usually fibbing around in this collector’s shed,” he recalls.

It was a third right-hand expostulate Porsche ever made, and a third Porsche to transport from Germany to Australia – in Feb 1952. “I had to have it.” Greg nagged a owners for 24 years before finally removing a possibility to squeeze it. “The coupé was so good that we simply easy a engine to a strange condition and embellished it in a strange colour: Radium Green, formula 510.” The 356 has been station in a prosy garage in Melbourne ever given – when he’s not on a highway in it. It now has 120,000 kilometres on a clock. “The automobile has been driven for reduction than 20 years of a life”, explains O’Keefe. “It has usually only been run in!”

Greg O'Keefe, Porsche 356 convertible, 2018, Porsche AG

Greg O’Keefe in a really initial right-hand expostulate 356 ever produced

And if you’re thinking, “Wow, that a story!”, Greg adds more. The coupé’s garage messenger is indeed a really initial right-hand drive 356 ever produced. The silver-grey automobile with blue leather interior (chassis series 10110), done during a Stuttgart bureau in Jul 1951, was driven to Genoa on etiquette plates and shipped to Australia in tandem with a burgundy coupé. Norman Hamilton, a Melbourne businessman and Australia’s initial Porsche dealer, alien a dual siblings and done Australia a initial right-hand-drive Porsche marketplace in a world. Greg O’Keefe is unapproachable to possess dual of a initial 3 Australian Porsches, and as he glances during a Coupé he says: “We have lived a dream together!”, before holding a drag on his cigarette and swigging from a bottle of Diet Coke.

Text initial published in a repository Porsche Classic “Special Edition – 70 years of Porsche competition cars”.

Text by Michael Browning, Michael Blumenstein // Photos by Michael Browning

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