Two time AARR Superstock champion Michal Prášek: “Great moments of my racing career.”

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Munich (DE), 12th Oct 2016. He was in a joining of his possess in the
2016 season: Michal Prášek (CZ) successfully shielded his pretension in the
Superstock category of a Alpe Adria Road Racing Championship (AARR STK)
and was crowned a champion with races to spare. Prášek finished all
10 races of a deteriorate on a lectern and distinguished 5 victories on
his Rohac and Fejita engine racing group BMW S 1000 RR. With this streak
of success, a 27-year-old Czech cumulative his second pretension win in a
quarrel during a penultimate turn in Most (CZ).


It was transparent that fortifying champion Prášek would be one of the
favourites for a pretension this season. Nonetheless, a inlet of the
feat on his RR was some-more than impressive. A win and a second place
during a season-opener in Slovakia were followed by dual wins any during the
Pannonia-Ring in Hungary and in Grobnik, Croatia. He afterwards took the
pretension with a second and a third in Most. At a deteriorate culmination during the
Slovakia Ring (SK), Prášek dull off his deteriorate with dual second
places on a podium.


In an interview, Prášek speaks about a significance of winning two
titles after he suffered a critical damage in 2014. He explains since the
BMW S 1000 RR is a pivotal to success and talks about a BMW Motorrad
Race Trophy.



Congratulations, Michal, this deteriorate we won a pretension in the
Superstock category of a Alpe Adria Road Racing Championship for the
second time in a row. You were even crowned champion with races to
go. What do these titles meant to you?


Michal Prášek: “They meant a lot to me. In 2014 we had a unequivocally bad
crash, and behind afterwards no one knew if we would be means to competition a bike
again. The collision had happened in Brno. we strike a separator during a speed
of 150 km/h. we suffered mixed fractures to my leg, severe
concussion and a flourishing of a lungs. So it was a good impulse in my
racing career to win a pretension in 2015. In 2016 we wanted to repeat
that, and so it was only illusory for a group and me that we did it.
It is unequivocally critical to stay clever when times are tough. That is
standard of me.”


How do we like a BMW S 1000 RR?


Prášek: “The BMW S 1000 RR is a good bike. It is unequivocally absolute and
one of a good advantages is that it is performs ideally on every
form of competition track.”


What are your strengths as a rider?


Prášek: “I consider my clever indicate is that we am on tip form physically
and mentally, and so we can combine 100 percent on a competition when I
am on a track.”


You are among a tip positions in a 2016 BMW Motorrad Race
Trophy. How do we like a concept?


Prášek: “I unequivocally like it since it is a good proclivity for all
a BMW racers around a world. Last year we finished a Race Trophy
in fifth position, and that was an glorious outcome for a team. So
a aim is to be in a tip positions again this year.”


How did we deposit a esteem income and a bonuses you
perceived for winning a championship final year?


Prášek: “I bought a second BMW S 1000 RR. We need dual bikes. If one
bike is shop-worn in another critical accident, we can use a second bike
to continue racing.”


The 2016 deteriorate in a Alpe Adria Road Racing Championship is
over. What do we do when we are not racing bikes?


Prášek: “Racing is my life. we run a racing academy and learn every
supplement who needs support. My life is all about engines.”

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