Up tighten & personal with a 21st Century Beetle

Posted on 29. Apr, 2011 by in Volkswagen Canada

Since we cant move a salon to you, we figured that a 360 demeanour during a all-new 2012 Beetle would be a subsequent best thing. And who improved than VW product dilettante Danielle Gumro to assistance we get to know a new Beetle from a inside out? (Thats a pretence question; there is no one better.)

The Beetle has always been famous as a fun car. VWs goal was to make it even some-more fun. Mission accomplished. How? Were blissful we asked. In further to a sportier, retro look, a 2012 Beetle boasts a energy of an accessible 200-hp, turbocharged engine for dynamic, sporty performance.

And since each good pushing stage needs a sepulchral soundtrack, a 21st Century Beetle cranks adult a funand a musicwith an accessible Fender Premium Audio System that offers intelligible sound even during high volumes.

But adequate from usDanielle is failing to tell we more.

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With a Fender Premium Audio System, a 2012 VW Beetle sounds like a opening automobile even with a engine off.

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