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Munich. BMW Group business can now safeguard their
automobile program in all BMW’s with Operating System 7.0 is updated at
all times with Remote Software Upgrade. Available with immediate
effect, this underline keeps a automobile uninformed and is as easy as
updating a smartphone. The initial upgrade, accessible from today
constantly in all BMW ConnectedDrive markets, includes a BMW
Intelligent Personal Assistant*, whose operation of intelligent functions
can now be stretched automatically and conveniently over a air. Remote
Software Upgrade
offers vehicle-specific calm and updates
such as duty extensions for motorist assistance systems (e.g. Active
Cruise Control and side collision protection). Subsequent upgrades
will concede business to source additional automobile functions from the
BMW ConnectedDrive Store and activate them simply in their BMW.


Uploading new functions directly into a car.

Never has it been easier for business to keep their automobile adult to
date over a full lifecycle and to adjust it to their individual
requirements. Remote Software Upgrade ensures their BMW always has the
latest program refurbish and functions are constantly improved. Plus,
business will be means to supplement digital services during a after date. All of
that ensures continual improvements to a reserve and peculiarity of the
vehicle. Depending on their car’s specification, business will be
means to use Remote Software Upgrade to activate additional functions
seamlessly and conveniently from their home, around smartphone or inside
a automobile itself. It represents a miracle in a bespoke, digital
personalisation of BMW vehicles.

The additional functions of a BMW Intelligent Personal Assistant
can be activated for models such as a new BMW X5, new BMW 3 Series
and new BMW 8 Series with BMW Operating System 7.0 from the
introduction of Remote Software Upgrade. Future Remote Software
Upgrades will frequently enhance and urge a BMW Intelligent
Personal Assistant’s skills (free of charge). These cyclical updates
embody program adaptations and duty extensions.

* The accurate timing might change according to a market.

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