Ford has partnered with 3 fantastic bloggers for a #FiestaMoments campaign to applaud a attainment of a 2014 Fiesta. #FiestaMoments are special occasions in bland life that make us happy … like when we’re pushing a Fiesta!

For several weeks, Jen, Valerie and Erica common such implausible moments with us. We’ve seen them in this Toronto ShopCrawl video; Valerie told us about her friend’s wedding; Erica took us out for a perfect day in B.C.; Jen common a personal and amazing story; and they all gave we a possibility to win prizes by holding partial in a Twitter Chat.

We know that we enjoyed following their tour and that’s since we’re unequivocally gratified to uncover we these web videos.

The initial video is about a operative day filled with Valerie’s #FiestaMoments. We chose her as an envoy since she is super inspiring, kind, inexhaustible and professional.

Take a demeanour during her video: she’s authorised us to follow her during a unequivocally bustling PR day. Where is she holding us? Boom Breakfast grill and a Jean Machine store.

Which places visited by Valerie would we like to go to? Let us know in a comments!