Volkswagen agrees Charter on Vocational Education and Training

Posted on 06. Jun, 2015 by in Volkswagen Canada

The Group Board of Management, a European Works Council and a Global Works Council of Volkswagen Aktiengesellschaft currently sealed a “Charter on Vocational Education and Training within a Volkswagen Group”. The design of a licence is to secure adequate conditions for apprentices in a suggestion of a Volkswagen Social Charter and a Volkswagen Charter on Labour Relations.

The licence was sealed by a CEO, Prof. Dr. Martin Winterkorn, a Board Member for Human Resources, Dr. Horst Neumann, a Chairman of a European and Global Works Councils, Bernd Osterloh, and a Secretary General of a Global Works Council, Frank Patta, when a Presidium of a Volkswagen European Works Council and a Volkswagen Group Global Works Council met during a Audi plant in Brussels.

Winterkorn said: “All over a world, a Volkswagen Group sets good store by sound vocational training since that secures highly-qualified learned employees for a company. Good vocational training is a basement for a absolute team, superb peculiarity and tip products. With this joining to a training of immature people, a Volkswagen Group is also proactively shouldering shortcoming for multitude and a destiny of a plants worldwide.”

Neumann underscored: “Specialist believe and skills are a substructure for good career perspectives and secure jobs. That is because Volkswagen attaches a pinnacle significance to first-class twin vocational training in a Berufsfamilien (vocational groups) where speculation and use are closely linked. Already today, a infancy of some 20,000 apprentices during Volkswagen worldwide are training formed on a twin principle.”

Osterloh commented: “The twin vocational training complement is a successful indication and one of Volkswagen’s trade hits. Vocational preparation and training during Volkswagen brings extensive opportunities for a apprentices and a company. This licence ensures that immature people who finish their vocational training during Volkswagen acquire believe and skills of allied high standards.”

Among other things, a licence prescribes appealing vocational preparation and training that offers an entrance trail into a Volkswagen Group and forms an critical member in tolerable long-term crew planning. It is a charter’s settled idea to validate immature people for an function and to ready them for veteran life. This involves building a skills compulsory for a start within their destiny Berufsfamilien during Volkswagen. At a same time, a farrago of authorised requirements, social, mercantile and informative aspects in a several countries contingency be respected.

The licence covers simple issues such as a preference routine to select a many suitable applicants, a generation and peculiarity of vocational preparation and training, material, comforts and infrastructure for training training content. In addition, a licence sets out supplies per financial and non-monetary support for apprentices, their handling time and mangle time, vacations, a transition to a post-apprentice employment, and representation.

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