Volkswagen during a CES 2016: a concentration is on networking and long-distance electromobility

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• The starting shot for a Volkswagen brand’s destiny initiative
• Dr Herbert Diess binds a opening keynote on a eve of a world’s
  largest consumer record trade uncover for digital trends
  and wiring development

In 2016 Volkswagen is once again represented during a Consumer Electronics Show, CES, that takes place from 6 – 9 Jan in Las Vegas/USA. Dr Herbert Diess, Chairman of a Volkswagen Passenger Cars brand, will be holding a keynote on a dusk before a uncover opens a doors. The categorical concentration of his debate is on a latest developments in electromobility as good as a subsequent epoch of connectivity.

Volkswagen will benefaction a totally new judgment automobile during a CES, to illustrate a vital changes that a automobile is set to go by in a subsequent few years. First and inaugural a universe premiere outlines a commencement of a new epoch of affordable long-distance electromobility. Over and above this, innovative facilities will denote a advantages to a patron that Volkswagen will be means to broach in a nearby destiny interjection to a augmenting interconnectedness of a engine car. As good as that, new arrangement and handling concepts will also be creation their entrance in Las Vegas. For instance, Volkswagen will give utterly a transparent glance of a latest developments in in-car infotainment that are on a verge of being launched onto a market. This will see innovations such as a Golf R Touch judgment automobile anticipating their approach into Volkswagen’s extended product portfolio.

The CES has prolonged been deliberate a arguable barometer of a pivotal trends in digitalisation and consumer electronics. The latest products and services are presented to over 150,000 trade visitors each January.

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