Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles delivered some 445,000 vehicles in 2014

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Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles delivered 444,900 vehicles to business all over a universe in a 2014 financial year. This corresponds to a arise of dual per cent over a prior year. In 2013, a code sole 436,000 vehicles. In particular, there was a poignant boost in sales to Western Europe (+6.5 per cent) with a sum of 292,000 units compared to a prior year.

“Excellent formula and glorious group work,” commented Dr. Eckhard Scholz, Chairman of a Board of Management during Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles. “We would quite like to appreciate a business for a trust placed in us. We intend to continue this success with a new models this year“.

In 2014, a Volkswagen Transporter delivered a sum of 168,600 units (2013: 156,300). This increased a array of vehicles delivered to business by 7.9 per cent. High direct for this indication meant that in summer 2014, a Hannover plant had to work additional shifts.

The Volkswagen Caddy combined a glorious position with smoothness of 148,900 vehicles (2013: 146,600; +1.6 per cent). As a outcome prolongation for a Volkswagen Caddy ran during full capacity. The Volkswagen Crafter also available clever expansion over a prior year with 49,200 units sole (2013: 44,100; + 11.6 per cent). By contrast, smoothness of a Volkswagen Amarok forsaken by 12.2 per cent to 78,100 units, generally due to a mercantile predicament in South America (2013: 89,000).

Good smoothness total on essential markets

“We managed to boost a smoothness total generally in a critical and essential segment of Western Europe,” pronounced Bram Schot, Board Member for Sales and Marketing during Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles. “These formula give us a plain substructure for a stirring marketplace launches. So we are good versed to face a hurdles of a entrance months. We can start a new year with confidence, even if a rarely rival sourroundings and a formidable mercantile conditions in Brazil, Argentina and Russia will poise some problems in 2015.”

In Western Europe Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles delivered 292,000 light blurb vehicles from a T5, Caddy, Amarok and Crafter indication array (2013: 274,200; +6.5 per cent). Especially a markets in a United Kingdom (+11.8 per cent), France (+10.3 per cent), a Netherlands (+7.6 per cent), Germany (+4.6 per cent) and a liberation in Spain (+ 32.5 per cent) resulted in an boost in deliveries compared to a prior year. In Mexico some-more than 6,000 vehicles were delivered. This is homogeneous to an boost of 39.1 per cent. On a whole, a Volkswagen Amarok and a marketplace launch of a Volkswagen Caddy contributed to a good results.

In South America sales of Volkswagen blurb vehicles forsaken by 46.5 per cent to 40,900 light blurb vehicles and pick-ups (2013: 76,500). This was due to a finish of prolongation of a T2 in Brazil of that 1,700 units were sole in 2014 (2013: 26,400 vehicles).

In Eastern Europe Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles available a dump of 6.1 per cent to 37,700units (2013: 40,100). The conditions in Russia played a vital purpose here with a dump of 20.8 per cent to 12,600 vehicles (2013: 15,900).

In Africa and a Middle East deliveries remained mostly expansive during 19,800 units and 27,400 units (Africa 2013: 20,100; -1.7 per cent / Middle East 2013: 26,900; +1.7 per cent) respectively. In a Asia-Pacific segment a brand’s smoothness volume rose to 22,700 vehicles (2013: 20,200; +12.7 per cent).

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