Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles delivers 154,600 vehicles between Jan and April

Posted on 12. May, 2016 by in Volkswagen Canada

In a initial 4 months of a year Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles delivered 154,600 vehicles to business worldwide – expansion of 4.7 per cent. With 41,500 vehicles, a brand’s deliveries in Apr also exceeded a prior year’s turn (+5.8 per cent). Particularly successful: a T-series with 64,500 Transporter, Caravelle, Multivan and California handed over to business (+9.4 per cent).

Bram Schot, Member of a Board of Management of Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles obliged for Sales and Marketing, says: “Our product descent and customer-oriented car solutions are apropos increasingly important. We would like to appreciate a business for a continued good trust they place in us and a products.”

On a German domestic marketplace 39,100 light blurb vehicles were delivered between Jan and Apr of this year. This corresponds to an boost of 4.0 percent. The brand’s sales also increasing in a European core markets Italy (+32.5 per cent to 3,700 vehicles), Spain (+25.2 per cent to 4,300 vehicles) and France (+17.9 per cent to 6,400 vehicles).

The East European segment also available a successful 4 months: 10,900 vehicles delivered here paint an boost of 4.1 per cent.

Outside Europe a particular markets Argentina (+9.4 per cent to 7,000 vehicles) and Turkey (+1.2 per cent to 9,900 vehicles) delivered some-more vehicles than in a same duration final year.

Due to a continued formidable conditions a markets in Africa (-13.2 per cent to 4,900 vehicles), Asia-Pacific (-7.0 per cent to 6,600 vehicles), a Middle East (-2.6 per cent to 10,800 vehicles) and South America (-0.4 per cent to 12,300 vehicles) available a tumble in sales.

Deliveries by Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles from Jan to Apr by model:

– 64,500 vehicles of a T-model array (58,900; +9.4 per cent)
– 50,700 vehicles of a Caddy indication array (48,800; +3.9 per cent)
– 24,200 vehicles of a Amarok indication array (24,400; -0.9 per cent)
– 15,300 vehicles of a Crafter indication array (15,500; -1.8 per cent)

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