Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles: Worldwide deliveries arise by 2.4 percent in a initial 6 months

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Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles delivered 222,900 civic smoothness vehicles, vans and pick-up trucks to business all over a universe by a finish of June. Compared to a analogous duration of a before year, this meant an boost of 2.4 percent (2014: 217,700).

“The United Kingdom, Spain and Italy were a bang markets in Western Europe. We generated expansion there of between 11 and 15 percent”, emphasised Bram Schot, Board member for Sales and Marketing for a brand. “From now on, a new models T6 and Caddy 4 are benefaction in a dealer’s showrooms in Germany, Austzria and Switzerland.”

The T5 indication operation showed a expansion of 8.8 percent, adding adult to 88,800 deliveries worldwide (2014: 81,500). Deliveries of a Caddy increasing by 0.5 percent to 73,900 vehicles (2014: 73,500). Deliveries of a Crafter grew by 5.3 percent to 23,700 vehicles (2014: 22,500). Deliveries of a Amarok pick-up decreased by 5.6 percent to 36,700 vehicles (2014: 38,800).

In Western Europe, deliveries of a code rose by 5 percent from Jan to Jun 2015, to 151,100 vehicles (January – Jun 2014: 143,800). With 58,300 vehicles delivered, Germany was a marketplace with a top volume in a initial 6 months of 2015 for Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles (an boost of 4.1 percent; 2014: 56,000).

In Eastern Europe, deliveries decreased by 18.9 percent to 15,200 vehicles adult to a finish of Jun (2014: 18,800). In a Middle East, Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles was means to boost deliveries by 44.1 percent to 16,100 units (2014: 11,200). Turkey had a largest apportionment of this with a distinguished arise in car deliveries of 47.7 percent to 13,900 units (2014: 9,400).

In South America, a code delivered 17,900 vehicles to business (a diminution of 10.9 percent; 2014: 20,100). In a analogous duration of a before year 1,300 T2 were still included, which’s prolongation stopped in Dec 2013. Brazil in sold was a formidable marketplace for Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles, with a detriment of over one-third of deliveries to 6,100 vehicles (2014: 9,400). With 9,200 deliveries, Argentina achieved again a slight boost (a arise of 3.9 percent; 2014: 8,840).

“In total, we achieved a plain growth. Decisive procedure in this honour came from a cutting-edge vehicles and a direct in Western Europe”, Schot explained. “Our factories in Hannover and Poznań have quietly managed a indication changeover. Our sequence book is strong. Obviously, a T6 and Caddy 4 can seamlessly couple adult with a marketplace success of their predecessors.”

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