Volkswagen expands Africa strategy

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• Agreement to furnish Polo Vivo with internal partner signed
• Beginning of rendezvous in serve rising marketplace in Sub-Saharan region
• Production scheduled to embark during finish of 2016
• Training core to be dynamic with support of German government

Volkswagen continues to expostulate brazen with a regionalisation of a tellurian automotive business. The code is formulation to start CKD prolongation of a Polo Vivo in Kenya during a finish of 2016. An agreement to that outcome was sealed in Nairobi currently by a Kenyan Government and Thomas Schäfer, Managing Director of Volkswagen South Africa in a participation of H.E. Uhuru Kenyatta, President of Kenya. This is an critical step by a Volkswagen code towards enchanting serve in new rising markets – with a right products and expertise from a region.

Volkswagen is expanding a joining in Africa with internal prolongation of a Polo Vivo in a Kenyan city of Thika nearby Nairobi. The plan that will be jointly realised with a importer DT Dobie, will be Volkswagen’s third prolongation trickery in Africa – alongside a South African bureau and a internal prolongation trickery in Nigeria. It is designed to build adult to 5,000 units of a Polo Vivo per year during a plant operated by Kenya Vehicle Manufacturers (KVM) from 2017.

“We are holding a successful Polo Vivo from South Africa to Kenya to precedence a huge expansion intensity of a African car marketplace and attend in a certain development. This compress indication is a best-selling automobile in a Sub-Saharan segment – so it is a ideal entrance indication for a earnest Kenyan market,” Thomas Schäfer commented during a signing ceremony. “With this move, we are strengthening a brand’s altogether position in Africa and holding an critical step towards expanding a joining in a region,” Schäfer continued.

President Kenyatta said: “The investment by a Volkswagen Group in Kenya is a pivotal miracle in my administration’s dynamic pull to grow a prolongation bottom and industrialised a nation.”

In serve to prolongation of a Polo Vivo from a finish of 2016 it is also designed to settle a internal training centre to validate prolongation workers and yield serve training. The centre will primarily concentration on a needs of a Volkswagen prolongation team. Later on it is designed to yield simple training for immature people to learn ubiquitous industrial skills, thereby augmenting practice opportunities in a segment in general.

Kenya is one of Africa’s rising markets. The nation plays a distinguished purpose among East African nations and with a GDP of some US$ 63 billion, it is one of a strongest economies in a East African Community (EAC). Kenya is also an critical movement nation for trade via East Africa. The good mercantile family between Kenya and Germany also advantage from ongoing vital domestic support.

A prolonged tradition links Volkswagen and Kenya: behind in a 1960s, Volkswagen fabricated a Beetle in Kenya. The code is now returning to a country, primarily with a Polo Vivo. It is also designed to examination internal prolongation of serve Volkswagen models should a new car marketplace uncover certain development.

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