Volkswagen Financial Services news successful initial half-year 2016

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Volkswagen Financial Services have successfully finished a initial half-year of 2016 with an handling outcome of EUR 995 million (previous year: EUR 970 million; and 2.6 percent). New agreement acquisitions worldwide increasing by 14.4 percent to roughly 3.8 million. The altogether turn of stream contracts also showed a poignant arise of 9.5 percent compared to a same duration final year and reached a figure of roughly 17.4 million during a finish of June. “The clever volume expansion is reflected in a high-quality half-year result. We are really confident with a opening during a initial half of a year and design an handling outcome for a whole financial year 2016 during a turn of a prior year,” says Lars Henner Santelmann, Chairman of a Management Board of Volkswagen Financial Services AG.

On a product side, upkeep and investigation contracts for new vehicles and pledge word for used vehicles available a quite certain performance. Overall, a use business has shown a strongest growth. The categorical drivers of this expansion are a trend towards mobility services and a measures ensuing from a Trust Campaign. In addition, a general positioning of Volkswagen Financial Services also contributed to a energetic growth. As a result, it was probable to overcompensate a market-related hurdles in Brazil and Russia by quite clever expansion in, among other countries, China, England, Poland and Mexico. The German marketplace also showed a certain development. “We have perceived an equally clever tailwind during a initial half of this year from a tighten and good partnership with a Volkswagen Group brands as we have from a appealing product portfolio and a general positioning,” says Dr. Christian Dahlheim, Chief Sales Officer of Volkswagen Financial Services AG.

New contracts
All product groups purebred what has in partial been really clever growth. The new contracts in a car financing shred amounted to 1.2 million units during a initial half-year (+5.5 percent). In addition, 658,000 new leasing contracts (+15.4 percent), 765,000 new use contracts (+42.7 percent) and 1.1 million new word contracts (+9.2 percent) were also sealed within this period.

Contract portfolio
The agreement portfolio of Volkswagen Financial Services during a finish of a initial half-year amounted to 17.39 million units (+9.5 percent). This figure comprised 6.30 million contracts for car financing (+4.1 percent), 2.75 million leasing contracts (+12.4 percent) as good as 3.11 million use contracts (+23.9 percent) and 5.24 million word contracts (+7.3 percent).

Good opening in Germany
Volkswagen Financial Services also available increasing expansion during a initial half-year in their highest-volume market. The sum series of new agreement acquisitions in Germany during this duration was 1.24 million units (previous-year period: 1.11 million units). This represents an boost of 12.1 percent. As a result, a altogether portfolio rose to 5.85 million contracts alone in Germany by a finish of Jun 2016 (previous year: 5.46 million contracts), an boost of 7.1 percent.

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