Volkswagen gives a e-up! a voice

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– Beatboxing movement in Stockholm
– e-up! and vocalist stir passersby

The Volkswagen e-up!For anyone who wants to know what e-mobility sounds like, Volkswagen has a answer. A video called “The streets sound different. e-mobility by Volkswagen.” takes an interesting demeanour during a advantages of electric vehicles, that customarily pierce by a streets emission-free and roughly silently. Volkswagen’s universe champion of efficiency, however, was propitious with dark loudspeakers as it done a proceed by a Swedish collateral of Stockholm. The vocalist and beatbox artist Fatih Sahin astounded passersby from a back chair of a e-up! with his humorous imitations of pushing noise.

The expostulate by Stockholm triggered a good understanding of courtesy from vacant passersby. Buskers casually accompanied a e-up! on a tour with their guitars and flutes, adding to a loose atmosphere. People in a streets incited their heads in warn and pulled out their smartphones to record a surprising eventuality in video clips and photos.

Volkswagen also videoed a greeting in Sweden to a surprising tour of a e-up! The film called “The streets sound different. e-mobility by Volkswagen.” was constructed by a DDB Tribal interactive agency. The artistic minds were desirous by Think Blue., Volkswagen’s proceed to ecological sustainability. The video is accessible on a “MyVolkswagen” YouTube channel during /myvolkswagen as good as a Volkswagen Think Blue. website during and a e-mobility height during

Here is a proceed couple to a video:

About Think Blue.
“Think Blue.” is some-more than only a judgment or a strategy. “Think Blue.” is a holistic proceed adopted by Volkswagen to fostering environmentally concordant mobility and tolerable particular action. The proceed includes high-efficiency automotive technologies, a growth of choice powertrains, new mobility concepts such as a “Quicar” automobile pity intrigue and a “Think Blue. Factory.” program, that aims to make prolongation during Volkswagen plants 25 percent some-more environmentally concordant by 2018. “Think Blue.” also includes team-work with a vast series of environmental associations via a world.

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