Volkswagen Group Chief Designer Walter de Silva receives titular grade from a University of Bologna

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The University of Bologna (Italy) has awarded a Volkswagen Group’s Chief Designer, Walter Maria de Silva (63), an titular grade in approval of his superb achievements as a designer. In a citation, a university describes a scope, peculiarity and initial force of de Silva’s work as forlorn anywhere in a world. Rector Ivano Dionigi bestowed a titular grade on de Silva in a Aula Magna of Santa Lucia.

“The industrial pattern work of Walter de Silva,” as explained by Ivano Dionigi, Rector of a Alma Mater Studiorum, “situates itself during a crossroads between art and technology, and keenly interpreting and harmonizing a enlightenment of a mind with a clever palm of a artisan; he ideally combines ars, a craft, with ingenium, a inspiration.” De Silva is credited with revolutionizing a character and proof of all a brands that have been a intent of his work. The university respected him as a deputy of Italian pattern that sets an instance for all specialists, and during a same time for his purpose as a European designer: “His success in Italy, Spain, Germany and all over a universe testifies to a general dimension of his work.” According to a citation, de Silva had already perceived many accolades for his pattern and with a titular degree, his name would now be inseparably related to that of a Alma Mater Studiorum, a University of Bologna.

Walter Maria de Silva has been Head of Group Design during Volkswagen Aktiengesellschaft given 2007. In this position he is obliged for a pattern of all brands in a Group. The vital prominence of his work for a Volkswagen Passenger Cars code to date is a Golf 7, that distinguished a universe premiere in 2012. Before transferring to Wolfsburg, Italian-born de Silva had spent 5 years in assign of pattern during a Audi code organisation that comprised a Audi, Lamborghini and SEAT brands. During his time as conduct of pattern during Audi, de Silva combined several cars, including a Audi A5 Coupé, that he describes as “the many pleasing automobile we ever designed.” In 2010, de Silva perceived a Design Prize of a Federal Republic of Germany, a top central eminence awarded for pattern in Germany, for a pattern of a Audi A5.

Walter Maria de Silva sees a concentration of his work as a Volkswagen Group’s Chief Designer as building a cross-brand pattern enlightenment that preserves a autonomy of any particular code while progressing a high turn of design.

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