Volkswagen Group continues constructional and staff realignment

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The Volkswagen Group is apropos some-more streamlined and speeding adult a inner decision-making process. To that end, functions in a area of shortcoming headed by CEO Matthias Müller are being restructured. The series of tip managers stating approach to a CEO has been roughly halved, and new appointments to several posts will take outcome in a initial entertain of 2016.

The CEO of Volkswagen Aktiengesellschaft, Matthias Müller, said: “These constructional changes speed adult a decision-making process, revoke complexity and boost efficiency. The Group Board of Management can concentration some-more closely than formerly on overarching issues of a future, guarantee cross-brand synergies and serve rise altogether strategy.” Müller underscored: “The group in a CEO’s area of shortcoming is roughly complete, with glorious colleagues from within and outward a Group holding adult a new posts. We are focusing in sold on a technological changes that impact a destiny of mobility – from foundation to a digital transformation. Our idea is to play a wilful purpose in moulding a mutation of a automobile. Our new gaunt structure will capacitate us to rise a substantial intensity of a Company, a brands and employees to good effect. We will see faster decision-making and some-more fit action.”

Under these constructional changes, a following appointments take outcome in a CEO’s area of shortcoming during a initial entertain of 2016:

Dr. Ulrich Eichhorn (54) will lead Group Research and Development. Eichhorn binds a PhD in automatic engineering. Having started his career during Ford, he was Head of Volkswagen Group Research from 2000 to 2003. He was allocated Board Member for Engineering during Bentley in 2003 before holding over as Managing Director of a German Association of a Automotive Industry in 2012.

Fred Kappler (57) will assume shortcoming for Group Sales. He complicated business scholarship and assimilated Volkswagen as a trainee in 1982. He hold several responsibilities in a trade territory of Sales during Volkswagen AG from 1983. He was given shortcoming for sales in North-West Europe during a Volkswagen code from 1995. He changed to China as First Vice President and CFO of FAW-Volkswagen in 1997. He became Head of Sales Germany for a Volkswagen code in 2000, Board Member for Sales during Škoda Auto in 2004, Head of Sales Volkswagen Genuine Parts in 2009, and Head of Group Services in 2011.

Michael Mauer (53) will lead Group Design – in further to his benefaction duty during Porsche. Mauer complicated car pattern and began his career during Mercedes-Benz in 1986, holding several functions until 2000, including pattern shortcoming for a A-Class, SLK and SL models as good as Smart design. He changed to Saab as Executive Director Design in 2000 and was also given shortcoming for Advanced Design during General Motors Europe in 2003. He has been Head of a Design Department during Porsche AG given 2004 and was also given shortcoming for styling a 2007 Porsche Cayenne, a Panamera and a 918 Spyder.

Wolfram Thomas (59) takes assign of Group Production. Thomas binds an engineering grade and has been with a Volkswagen Group for 35 years. Following several government functions during Volkswagen, SEAT and Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles, Thomas became manager of Volkswagen’s Kassel plant in 1998. He was allocated Executive Vice-President of Production during SEAT in 2002, apropos Deputy President of a code in 2009, and was subsequently named Group Chief Officer for a Environment, Energy and New Business Areas in 2012.

Ralf-Gerhard Willner (54) will lead Group Product and Modular Toolkit Strategy. Willner is a lerned toolmaker and binds a grade in automotive engineering. He began his career during Audi in Ingolstadt in 1987. Following several government functions during Audi and Volkswagen, he was named Head of Development Vehicle Concepts during Audi in Ingolstadt in 2003, presumption shortcoming for a same charge during Volkswagen Passenger Cars in 2007 before apropos Technical Director during Italdesign Giugiaro in 2010 and returning to Audi AG as Head of Vehicle Concepts in 2013.

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