Volkswagen Group delivers 4.2 million vehicles in duration to May

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Compared with a value for May 2015, a Volkswagen Group grew deliveries to business by 1.6 percent in May 2016 – via a world, a sum of 871,500 vehicles were handed over to customers. In a duration to May, 4.2 million units were delivered, representing an boost of 0.8 percent over a analogous duration of a prior year. However, there continue to be substantial variations in expansion between a regions. “In a regions of Europe and Asia-Pacific, a Volkswagen Group was means to grasp a serve boost in smoothness total and to record solid growth,” reports Fred Kappler, Head of Group Sales.

In May, a Volkswagen Group handed over 369,500 vehicles to business in Europe. This corresponds to a arise of 4.6 percent compared with final year’s figure. As expected, a Western European marketplace grown definitely (+3.4 percent), with a categorical procedure for expansion entrance from a home marketplace of Germany (+2.6 percent), France and Italy. May also saw clever expansion in a markets of Central and Eastern Europe (+11.7 percent). While deliveries to business in this segment were still influenced by a moving conditions in Russia in a initial quarter, a certain trend seen in a prior month continued in May. In Russia, 13,200 vehicles were delivered to business in May – a arise of 7.5 percent compared with a prior year’s figure.

In a segment of North America, a Volkswagen Group handed over 367,200 vehicles to business in a year to May, representing a slight tumble compared with a prior year (-1.0 percent). While Audi and Porsche were means to record expansion in this region, deliveries by a Volkswagen Passenger Cars code fell. In a segment of South America, 38,100 vehicles were handed over to business in a month of May (-20.4 percent). This trend is a outcome of a moving mercantile conditions in Brazil, where 23,500 vehicles were delivered to customers, representing a tumble of 31.1 percent compared with a prior year.

The solid expansion in a Asia-Pacific segment given a commencement of a year continued. In May, a Volkswagen Group delivered 341,600 vehicles in this region. This represents a arise of 4.1 percent compared with a prior year. The categorical procedure came from China (+4.9 percent) and Japan. In a year to May, 1,708,400 vehicles were handed over to business in a Asia-Pacific segment – an boost of 3.3 percent.

Overview of deliveries by a Volkswagen Group:

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