Volkswagen Group delivers 4.20 million vehicles in duration to May

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The Volkswagen Group delivered 4.20 (January-May 2014: 4.19; +0.3 percent) million vehicles from Jan to May. “Deliveries so distant this year have been characterized by churned marketplace trends. Even with their extended operation of immature and eco-friendly models, a Volkswagen Group brands are not wholly defence to this situation”, Group Board Member for Sales Christian Klingler pronounced in Wolfsburg on Friday. The Company handed over 858,000 (May 2014: 880,900; -2.6 percent) vehicles to business in May. “The marketplace conditions in a South America segment and in Russia stays tense. Developments in Europe continue to be positive. In a meantime, a new normality has arrived in China, where a marketplace conditions has altered as expected”, Klinger added.

Group brands delivered a sum of 1.73 (1.68; +3.3 percent) million vehicles on a altogether European marketplace in a duration to May, of that 936,200 (880,900; +6.3 percent) were handed over in Western Europe (excluding Germany). 545,700 (512,400; +6.5 percent) business chose a new automobile from a Volkswagen Group on a home marketplace of Germany, while a Company delivered 250,700 (284,200; -11.8 percent) units in Central and Eastern Europe. Deliveries in Russia continued to decline, with 69,900 (118,100; -40.8 percent) vehicles handed over to business there.

The Group delivered 370,900 (351,200; +5.6 percent) vehicles in a North America segment from Jan to May, of that 241,800 (237,900; +1.6 percent) were handed over to business in a United States. The Volkswagen Group delivered 248,300 (323,700;  -23.3 percent) units in a South America segment during a same period, of that 177,800 (254,100; -30.0 percent) were handed over to business in Brazil.

1.65 (1.66; -0.6 percent) million vehicles were handed over to business in a Asia-Pacific segment in a duration to May. At 1.49 (1.51; -1.1 percent) million, deliveries in China, a Group’s largest singular market, roughly matched final year’s high level.

Outline of developments during Group brands

The Volkswagen Passenger Cars brand delivered 2.48 (2.55; -3.0 percent) million vehicles to business worldwide in a initial 5 months.

The reward code Audi handed over 744,900 (713,900) vehicles worldwide in a duration to May, an boost of 4.3 percent.

The sports automobile manufacturer Porsche delivered a sum of 93,200 (71,500) vehicles, representing an boost of 30.3 percent compared with a prior year.

The Czech code ŠKODA delivered 449,700 (428,000) vehicles in a duration to May, a arise of 5.1 percent.

SEAT handed over 176,400 (162,500; +8.6 percent) vehicles to business worldwide in a initial 5 months.

Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles delivered 184,400 (178,300; +3.4 percent) vehicles during a same period.

The MAN brand delivered 39,600 (46,700; -15.0 percent) units from Jan to May.

The Swedish code Scania delivered 30,200 (30,900; -2.4 percent) complicated trucks and buses to business in a duration to May.

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