Volkswagen Group creates element logistics some-more fit and environmentally compatible

Posted on 25. Aug, 2016 by in Volkswagen Canada

The new Group Consolidation Center KCC during Malacky nearby Bratislava was strictly inaugurated yesterday. “KCC Bratislava is a serve building section of Volkswagen Group Logistics with a perspective to optimizing element transport. A postulated rebate in lorry trade of about 10% between KCC and a European plants and a rebate of about one third in a appetite mandate of a building are dual aspects that make a KCC fit and environmentally compatible,” pronounced Thomas Zernechel, Head of Volkswagen Group Logistics.

KCC Bratislava will yield a new trans-shipment indicate for full and dull containers within a Volkswagen Group ride network. At KCC, flows of products between suppliers and Group plants during substantial geographic distances will be consolidated. About 540 suppliers from Slovakia, Hungary, Romania and Bulgaria will supply components to 28 European plants of a Group brands Volkswagen Passenger Cars, Audi, Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles, ŠKODA, SEAT, Porsche and Lamborghini around a Consolidation Center.

In comparison with a former logistics building, that was leased, a new KCC building in Malacky with building space of 19,000m², 24 loading and unloading stations and 50 lorry parking spaces, offers really good constructional conditions. A gymnasium area of about 3 soccer pitches means that it will be probable to hoop element flows from a segment for all brands within a Group well and to precedence synergy effects. “The new KCC building will open adult serve possibilities of slimming down processes, boosting ability and creation element doing even some-more fit and cost-effective,” pronounced Astrid Lühring, Head of Material Logistics. KCC is operated by Duvenbeck underneath a agreement with Volkswagen. About 1,200t of element and 6,000 containers are changed here each day.

KCC is also model in terms of environmental insurance measures. Optimum thermal insulation will revoke heating expenses, a use of double gates in loading and unloading areas will minimize feverishness waste and LED lighting will cut energy expenditure by about 50 percent.

At a same time, a converging of load during KCC will revoke trade from an normal of 90 trucks on a incoming side to 65 on a effusive side.

The KCC building has also laid a substructure for implementing choice ride concepts that will serve revoke CO dioxide emissions. For example, serve volume converging within Europe and supply and ordering regulating low-emission prolonged trucks are fathomable in a future. If a preference in preference of a use of prolonged trucks via a EU is taken, this ride proceed will infer to be a future-oriented alternative.

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