Volkswagen Group creates fast start to second quarter: Deliveries tip 3 million vehicles* in duration to April

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The Volkswagen Group delivered 3.05 (January-April 2012: 2.89; +5.6 percent)* million vehicles from Jan to April, commanding a 3 million symbol for a initial time for a initial 4 months of a year. The association handed over 784,600 (April 2012: 731,900; +7.2 percent)* vehicles to business in a month of April. “The Volkswagen Group and a brands done a acceptable start to a second quarter”, Group Board Member for Sales Christian Klingler pronounced in Wolfsburg on Friday. Klingler went on to say: “Nevertheless, a marketplace sourroundings stays difficult, and is really severe in some universe regions. The mercantile predicament in Europe in sold is carrying an augmenting impact on a automobile industry. However, expansion continues on a markets in North America and, above all, Asia, so we are confident we will be means to say a movement of a initial 3 months in a second quarter.”

The conditions on a altogether European marketplace stays tense. Group brands delivered 1.21 (1.25; -3.9 percent) million vehicles on this marketplace in a initial 4 months of a year, of that 635,900 (661,400; -3.9 percent) units were handed over in Western Europe (excluding Germany). On a home marketplace of Germany, 370,200 (387,500; -4.4 percent) business opted for a new automobile from a Volkswagen Group, while a association delivered 199,100 (205,100; -2.9 percent) units in a Central and Eastern Europe region. Deliveries in Russia, where 94,900 (94,500; +0.4 percent) vehicles were handed over to customers, remained stable.

There was a some-more certain trend in North America. From Jan to Apr deliveries in this segment grew 12.9 percent to 279,900 (247,900) vehicles, of that 193,900 (173,700; +11.6 percent) were handed over to business in a USA. The Volkswagen Group delivered 292,000 (296,900; -1.6 percent) units in a South America segment during a same period, of that 213,500 (214,300; -0.4 percent) were handed over in Brazil.

Group sum for a Asia-Pacific segment remained encouraging. 1.14 (0.98; +16.5 percent) vehicles were handed over to business there in a duration to April, of that 1.02 (0.86; +18.4 percent) million units were delivered in China, a region’s largest singular market. In contrast, deliveries in India forsaken to 33,400 (43,500; -23.1 percent) vehicles.

Outline of developments during Group brands

The Volkswagen Passenger Cars brand delivered 1.91 (1.81; +5.3 percent) million vehicles worldwide from Jan to April. The code continued to rise good in a Asia-Pacific region, where deliveries ran during 855,100 (725,100; +17.9 percent) units. In a North America region, Volkswagen Passenger Cars handed over 196,200 (187,900; +4.4 percent) vehicles to customers, while deliveries on a altogether European market, that remained difficult, ran during 545,300 (589,800; -7.5 percent) units.

Audi delivered 503,000 (471,300; +6.7 percent) vehicles to business worldwide in a duration to April. Deliveries by a reward code from Ingolstadt grown good in a Asia-Pacific region, where 169,500 (147,300; +15.1 percent) models were handed over to customers. Audi delivered 57,400 (50,100) vehicles in a North America segment during a same period, an boost of 14.5 percent.

The sports automobile manufacturer Porsche, that became a Volkswagen Group code on Aug 1, 2012, delivered a sum of 52,200 vehicles from Jan to April. At 15,700 units, a Asia-Pacific segment accounted for a largest share, with a serve 15,000 units handed over to business in a North America region.

ŠKODA delivered a sum of 298,000 (324,100; -8.0 percent) vehicles in a initial 4 months of a year. The Czech automaker handed over 75,200 (84,700; -11.2 percent) units in Central and Eastern Europe, and 88,300 (96,500; -8.5 percent) vehicles in a Asia-Pacific region.

SEAT delivered 117,100 (105,000; +11.5 percent) vehicles worldwide in a duration to April, stability a ceiling trend. There was noted expansion in Germany in particular, where deliveries increasing to 23,700 (18,200; +30.6 percent) units. SEAT also grew deliveries in a UK, where a association handed over 14,800 (13,600; +9.0 percent) units, and in Mexico, where 7,400 (6,800; +8.5 percent) vehicles were delivered.

Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles handed over 170,700 (174,200; -2.0 percent) vehicles to business in a initial 4 months of a year, of that 97,800 (107,300; -8.9 percent) were delivered on a altogether European market. In contrast, Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles grew deliveries in a Asia-Pacific region, where a association handed over 6,200 (5,500; +13.6 percent) vehicles to customers. The code also available double-digit expansion in a South America region, delivering 48,600 (43,400; +12.0 percent) vehicles there.

*) including deliveries by a Porsche code from Aug 1, 2012; incompatible MAN and Scania

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