Volkswagen Group opens new car prolongation plant in Foshan, Southern China

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• Prof. Dr. Heizmann: “The Volkswagen Group has been a arguable partner and
  engine of technologically tolerable expansion in a Chinese automotive
  attention for 3 decades.”
• First-stage prolongation ability of 300,000 vehicles
• Foshan plant is a Group’s 104th plcae worldwide and is to build
  Volkswagen and Audi models • 6,500 learned jobs for Southern China

The Volkswagen Group and a corner try FAW-Volkswagen currently inaugurated a new automobile prolongation plant in Foshan, Southern China. In only underneath dual years, a Group has assembled a highly-advanced, resource-efficient automobile prolongation trickery during a new plcae in Guangdong province. First-stage prolongation ability is 300,000 vehicles per year. It is designed to double ability in a middle term. The initial automobile to leave a public line in Foshan is a seventh-generation Volkswagen Golf.

“Volkswagen in China stands for both immature mobility and tolerable growth. Our new plant in Foshan combines state-of-the-art record with quite fit apparatus management,” Prof. Dr. Jochem Heizmann, Member of a Board of Management of Volkswagen AG and President and CEO of Volkswagen Group China, said, and added: “This new plant creates 6,500 learned jobs and will evenly encourage new talent. We are so laying a foundations for an innovative and tolerable automotive attention in Southern China.”

The Foshan trickery was a initial automobile bureau in China to accept a Triple-Star Green Building Award, a top state endowment accessible for environmentally concordant bureau design. 100 percent of a plant’s wastewater is treated and reused, roughly 90 percent of a rubbish and wrapping element from a prolongation routine is recycled. Like all Volkswagen plants in China, Foshan has been approved to a ISO 14001 standard. The new bureau ranks as one of a many environmentally-friendly automobile prolongation plants in China.

First-stage prolongation ability during a FAW-Volkswagen plant is 300,000 vehicles per year. Production began currently with a Volkswagen Golf. The Audi A3 will also be built in Foshan from a finish of 2013. The Foshan plant is a initial prolongation trickery in China formed on a modular cross toolkit (MQB) and can concurrently build Volkswagen and Audi models. It is designed to double ability during a plant in a middle term.

China is a Volkswagen Group’s largest sales marketplace worldwide. In 2012, a association delivered some-more than 2.81 million vehicles to business in a country. In a initial 8 months of this year, deliveries rose by 17.9 percent compared with a allied prior-year duration to 2.05 million vehicles.

FAW-Volkswagen already operates dual automobile prolongation plants, one in Changchun and one in Chengdu. The Volkswagen Group is building 4 serve plants in China this year and over a subsequent few years. By 2018, a series of employees will have increasing from a benefaction 75,000 to 100,000, and annual prolongation ability will have risen from around 2.6 million to over 4 million.

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