Volkswagen Group reports a plain opening entertain to 2016

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In a initial entertain of a stream mercantile year, a Volkswagen Group delivered a plain opening in a severe marketplace and rival environment. Despite certain brew effects and an augmenting grant by a Financial Services Division, Group sales income was down 3.4 percent on a clever prior-year figure, during EUR 51.0 billion. This slight diminution is radically attributable to a tumble in car section sales and disastrous sell rate effects. Operating distinction climbed to EUR 3.4 (3.3) billion, with a reported figure equating to an handling lapse on sales of 6.8 percent. First entertain handling distinction contained altogether certain special apparatus of EUR 0.3 billion, due among other things to currency-related adjustments to a supplies famous in tie with a diesel issue. Excluding these certain special items, handling distinction would have decreased somewhat to EUR 3.1 billion. The handling lapse on sales before special apparatus so declined to 6.1 (6.3) percent.

The Group’s sales income and handling distinction do not embody a handling activities of a Chinese corner ventures, that are accounted for regulating a equity method. The proportional handling distinction of a Chinese corner ventures amounted to EUR 1.2 (1.6) billion in a initial 3 months. The Group’s financial outcome declined by EUR 0.9 billion altogether to EUR –0.2 billion, with disastrous effects from a remeasurement of financial derivatives equivalent by income from a sale of a shares in LeasePlan, that was finished in a initial quarter. Before tax, a Volkswagen Group generated distinction of EUR 3.2 (4.0) billion; a pretax lapse on sales so declined from 7.5 to 6.3 percent. Group distinction after taxation amounted to EUR 2.4 (2.9) billion in a initial 3 months.

“In light of a far-reaching operation of hurdles we are now facing, we are assured altogether with a start we have done to what will definitely be a perfectionist mercantile year 2016. In a initial quarter, we once again managed to extent a mercantile effects of a diesel emanate and grasp important formula underneath formidable conditions. This shows that, with a portfolio of clever brands and a good position in many tellurian automotive markets, a Volkswagen Group sits on really clever foundations. We can build on these when we now work towards modernizing a Group and positioning it for a new universe of mobility”, pronounced Matthias Müller, Chairman of a Board of Management of Volkswagen Aktiengesellschaft.

Net liquidity again high – Safeguarding financial strength a tip priority

Although a Automotive Division’s capex (investments in property, plant and equipment, investment skill and unsubstantial assets, incompatible capitalized enlargement costs) remained roughly unvaried year-on-year during EUR 2.1 billion, a ratio of capex to sales income rose to 4.9 (4.5) percent due to a diminution in sales revenue. We again invested radically in prolongation facilities, new models, a ecological concentration of a indication range, augmenting drivetrain foundation and a modular toolkits.

At EUR 1.3 billion, a Automotive Division’s net money upsurge was adult somewhat compared with a prior year (EUR 1.2 billion), nonetheless it was definitely influenced by a EUR 2.2 billion nonrecurring benefit on a sale of LeasePlan. Net liquidity in a Automotive Division amounted to EUR 26.0 billion during a finish of March. It was therefore some-more than EUR 5 billion aloft than a year progressing and around EUR 1.4 billion adult on a 2015 year-end level.

“Safeguarding a Volkswagen Group’s clever financial strength for a prolonged tenure stays a tip priority in light of a approaching effects of a diesel issue. The aloft net liquidity gives us a financial fortitude and coherence we need to be means to conduct a hurdles still to come and to grow profitably. Nevertheless, we will continue to give tip priority to trained cost government and to focusing a investments consistently on forward-looking topics”, pronounced Group Board of Management member Frank Witter, obliged for Finance and Controlling.

Mixed opening from a brands and business fields

The Volkswagen Passenger Cars code available a year-on-year diminution in volumes and sales income in a initial 3 months of a stream mercantile year. As a result, a handling distinction before special apparatus fell to EUR 73 (514) million, while a handling domain was 0.3 percent in a initial quarter.

At EUR 1.3 (1.4) billion, Audi’s handling distinction before special apparatus was roughly on a turn with a clever prior year. Exchange rate effects and stability high upfront expenditures for new products and technologies and for a enlargement of a general prolongation network had a disastrous impact on earnings. With sales income roughly stable, a handling domain declined somewhat to 9.0 (9.7) percent, nonetheless it remained during a high level.

In a initial 3 months of 2016, ŠKODA postulated a really enlivening opening seen in a prior year. Operating distinction rose by only over 30 percent to EUR 315 (242) million due to certain brew effects and reduce element costs. Sales income rose significantly, and a handling domain grew to 9.3 (7.6) percent.

SEAT is on a trail to long-term profitability and available serve enlivening progress, improving a handling distinction to EUR 54 (33) million on a behind of cost optimization measures. This corresponds to 2.6 (1.5) percent enlargement in a handling margin.

Bentley’s initial entertain handling outcome declined year-on-year to EUR –54 (49) million, due to a diminution in car section sales. Porsche remained on a successful arena during a start of a stream mercantile year. Operating distinction was adult serve to EUR 895 (765) million and so rose during a most faster gait than sales revenue, that augmenting noticeably due to significantly aloft section sales. Its handling domain was 16.6 percent (15.1 percent).

Operating distinction during Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles declined to EUR 142 (165) million on a behind of reduce volumes, with a handling domain dwindling to 5.2 (6.1) percent. Scania posted a slight boost in handling distinction to EUR 244 (237) million and a fast handling domain of 9.6 percent. Negative sell rate effects were some-more than compensated by a aloft car sales and an enlargement of a use business. In annoy of a steadfastly formidable mercantile meridian in South America, MAN Commercial Vehicles carried a handling distinction before special apparatus to EUR 65 (–13) million due, among other things, to aloft car sales in Europe. MAN Power Engineering’s handling distinction declined to EUR 48 (52) million.

Volkswagen Financial Services augmenting a handling distinction neatly to EUR 492 (403) million. Volume-related factors in sold had a certain impact.

Outlook reliable for 2016 as a whole

Following a plain opening quarter, that was in line with a expectations, a Volkswagen Group is reiterating a foresee for 2016 as a whole. Depending on mercantile conditions – quite in South America and Russia – and sell rate developments as good as opposite a backdrop of a diesel issue, a Board of Management expects 2016 sales income for a Volkswagen Group to be down by adult to 5 percent on a prior-year figure. In terms of a Group’s handling profit, it anticipates an handling lapse on sales of between 5.0 and 6.0 percent in 2016. In a Passenger Cars Business Area, a Volkswagen Group expects a noted diminution in sales revenue, with a handling lapse on sales substantially in a 5.5 to 6.5 percent range. With sales income in a Commercial Vehicles Business Area remaining radically unchanged, a Company anticipates an handling lapse on sales of between 2.0 and 4.0 percent. For a Financial Services Division, we are forecasting sales income and handling distinction during a prior-year level.

“2016 will be a transitory year for Volkswagen that will see us essentially realign a Group. Nevertheless, we sojourn assured that a handling business will again record plain enlargement this year. The Group’s clever financial strength and gain energy are pivotal to a ability to take a required decisions quietly and diligently, and to solve a vital policies that will figure a destiny with a required determination”, according to CEO Matthias Müller.

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