Volkswagen Group starts a new Stimmungsbarometer

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• Board Member for Human Resources Karlheinz Blessing: “Honest and constructive
  dialog is critical in a change period”

• Works Council Chairman Bernd Osterloh: “Continuous reviews in a teams
  make certain improvements are implemented effectively”

• Group’s inner worker consult takes place from May 30 to Jun 26

The Volkswagen Group has redesigned a Stimmungsbarometer. The new Stimmungsbarometer gets underway this spring.

The worker consult is being conducted from May 30 to Jun 26. Management and employees are invited to demonstrate their opinion on issues such as team-work and leadership, information, workplace and workflows. The formula of a consult will afterwards be discussed with all employees. The aim is to jointly urge team-work and employees’ workplaces in a continual process.

Dr. Karlheinz Blessing, Member of a Board of Management of Volkswagen Aktiengesellschaft obliged for Human Resources, underscores: “Especially in a benefaction circumstances, in this proviso of vital change and hurdles that calls for a good bid on a partial and gives arise to concerns, we need an honest design of a mood and a constructive dialog in a teams. The new Stimmungsbarometer has an even some-more nuanced petition and puts a concentration on continual common work to urge – we feel that is important.”

Bernd Osterloh, Chairman of a Group Works Council, comments: “The redesigned Stimmungsbarometer is a really good apparatus for expressing an honest opinion. The successive contention of formula and a continual reviews in a teams are of march quite critical since they make certain that improvements are implemented and are effective.”

All Group brands and some 150 Group companies in 44 countries are holding partial in a new Stimmungsbarometer. The design is to say an intensive, constructive and ongoing dialog in a teams and to boost worker compensation by participation, improving information, peculiarity and productivity, care and team-work as good as enlivening an entrepreneurial suggestion by defining and implementing petrify measures.

Taking partial in a Stimmungsbarometer is intentional and particularly anonymous. Apart from a questionnaire, employees will also be means to minister petrify themes and ideas around an additional medium, a online pinboard, for a initial time. That strengthens a dialog impression of a Stimmungsbarometer. Once a consult has been conducted employees, managers and Works Council member come together on an ongoing basement to plead a formula and rise probable improvements.

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