Volkswagen Group strengthens after sales business in a Asia-Pacific region

Posted on 07. Oct, 2016 by in Volkswagen Canada


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• Faster supply of genuine tools to 28 markets in South-East Asia
• 50 percent enlargement of logistics ability to roughly 50,000 block meters
• Imelda Labbé, Head of Group After Sales: “The enlargement of a genuine parts
   supply ability in a Asia-Pacific segment reflects a stress of these markets
   and will lay a substructure for serve growth. Malaysia will be a new heart for
   after sales logistics in a region.”

The Volkswagen Group is relocating a informal after sales core for a Asia-Pacific segment from Singapore to Malaysia to make a supply of genuine tools in a segment even some-more efficient. Thanks to a approach tie to a port, tools will also be granted to South-East Asian markets faster in a future. Regional sell outlets will afterwards accept adult to 2 deliveries per day. From 2018, 28 markets in a segment will be granted from Malaysia.

Imelda Labbé, Head of Volkswagen Group After Sales, explains a enlargement strategy: “Over a past few years, a Asia-Pacific segment has available solid growth. The enlargement and a relocation of a informal genuine tools core from Singapore to Malaysia simulate a stress and intensity of these flourishing markets and will lay a substructure for serve growth. Malaysia will be a new heart for after sales logistics in a region.” From Jan to Aug 2016, a Volkswagen organisation increased a sales in a segment by 7.0 percent to 2.7 million vehicles. After sales business is also benefiting from this growth.

The new Volkswagen Group informal core for strange tools is being built in a Port of Tanjung Pelepas (PTP) giveaway trade area in Johor Bahru, during a southern tip of a Malay Peninsula. Thanks to a approach tie to a port, there will be no need for middle handling; as a result, logistics processes will turn some-more fit and environmentally compatible. Work will start on a logistics centre in Jan in 2017. From 2018, a informal centre in Malaysia will supply 28 markets in a Asia-Pacific region. There are also skeleton for a after formation of a after sales activities of other Group brands and a informal pooling of a smoothness sequence for genuine parts.

Marcus Edelmann, Director After Sales for a Volkswagen Group Regional Office in South-East Asia, pronounced “Our new informal logistics core in South-East Asia will concede us to supply tools via a segment even faster than before. From 2018, directly connected dealerships in Singapore and Malaysia will accept dual deliveries per day. This will significantly urge a patron use in a segment during a same time as laying a substructure for serve growth”

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