Volkswagen Human Resources Board Member calls for accordant bid by Europeans to fight girl unemployment

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Dr. Horst Neumann, Member of a Board of Management of Volkswagen AktiengesellschaftSpeaking in Brussels, Dr. Horst Neumann, Member of a Board of Management of Volkswagen Aktiengesellschaft obliged for Human Resources, called for a accordant bid among Europeans to fight girl stagnation in Europe. “The many obligatory tasks embody combating stagnation and opening adult destiny prospects for immature people. Europe’s industrial bottom is a pivotal cause in a prosperity, enlargement and employment. This is because we need a complicated industrial process with a long-term orientation, jobs in attention and a enlargement of twin vocational training in Europe,” pronounced Neumann on Monday dusk in Brussels during a new year’s accepting hold by Volkswagen Aktiengesellschaft during a Lower Saxony Representation to a European Union.

Neumann pronounced that a use beginning of a European Commission for immature people was a good initial step, as was a preference taken by a special European limit in Paris to make €45 billion accessible for combating girl unemployment. He combined that both stairs went in a right instruction though that a decisions would now need to be followed by action: “Especially immature people in Southern Europe urgently need prospects for a future. For this reason, a supports done accessible contingency be channeled fast and unbureaucratically into training, gift and use projects.”

“Volkswagen already started to urge a destiny prospects of immature people in Europe by a possess efforts in 2012,” Neumann emphasized. “For example, we offer immature graduates in Portugal, Spain and Italy a two-year trainee module StartUp Europe. This gives 180 immature engineers from Spain and Portugal an event to find their place in a company. In 2014, we non-stop a module adult to immature Italians.” In addition, a Volkswagen Belegschaftsstiftung (Volkswagen Employees’ Foundation) is providing €3 million in support of a plan in Portugal that will emanate 100 training opportunities for socially deprived immature people.

Neumann emphasized that jobs in attention were a substructure for fortitude and wealth in Europe. “Over a past 5 years, Volkswagen has combined roughly 45,000 new, additional jobs in Europe.” He pronounced that Volkswagen was committed to a locations and to a amicable shortcoming of a Group in Europe.

Neumann settled that twin vocational training and gift in a vocational families, that Volkswagen was expanding to all a locations in Europe, was a pivotal investment in a destiny of immature people and a Group. “Good vocational training with a tighten multiple of speculation and use offers effective insurance opposite unemployment. At a same time, it lays a substructure for good workmanship, that is among a success factors of a association together with engineering skills and design, clever creation and investigate activities and codetermination,” Neumann added.

Neumann mentioned SEAT in Spain as a good European instance for a growth of twin vocational training. “SEAT was a initial Spanish association to start twin vocational training with a training year 2012/2013.”

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