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The Volkswagen Group is evenly dire forward with a realignment and will take critical stairs this year to safeguard a successful future. “2016 will be a year of transition for Volkswagen. Yet it will also be a year in that we accelerate a mutation and lay a foundations for a new, softened Volkswagen,” pronounced Matthias Müller, Chairman of a Board of Management of Volkswagen Aktiengesellschaft, in Wolfsburg on Thursday during a display of a 2015 annual financial statements. According to Müller, a automotive attention is on a fork of a subsequent large innovative jump and a radical transformation. “We are in a good starting position for this momentous transformation. And we have many strengths to chuck into a mix,” stressed a CEO, mentioning among other things a Group’s 12 clever brands, technological expertise, tellurian presence, clever concentration on quality, committed workforce and sound finances. “We aim to play a pivotal purpose in conceptualizing a mobility universe of tomorrow,” Müller explained. He also sees room for improvement, however: “Our idea is to make a Volkswagen Group some-more fit and faster, some-more entrepreneurial and courageous, some-more tolerable and technologically some-more progressive. That is though doubt an huge task, though we are creation good progress,” a Chairman of a Board of Management said.

The Group is now operative tough on a serve enlargement of a strategy, to be presented mid-year. This will concentration on a vital fields of destiny significance in a attention – such as digitalization, networking, e-mobility and new mobility services. Volkswagen is already addressing all of these fields, for instance with a e-offensive launched. “In a future, however, we will do this in a many some-more systematic and focused manner. Our Strategy 2025 will yield a horizon for this,” Müller announced.

The Chairman of a Board of Management validated a idea of personification a pivotal purpose in e-mobility, with a Volkswagen Group formulation to launch over 20 additional models by 2020.

The Volkswagen code is now building a possess design generally for e-vehicles in a form of a Modular Electrification Toolkit, or MEB for short.

The initial vehicles constructed on a MEB basement are slated to strike a streets during a finish of a decade. “We devise to make electric cars one of Volkswagen’s new hallmarks,” Müller explained. In further to building adult and expanding a possess resources for a vital fields of destiny importance, a Group skeleton to open itself adult some-more to new partnerships and vital investments. “The epoch in that a zone kept itself detached from all is now over, once and for all. Reservations, solo efforts, or even a apparition of meaningful and doing all softened will not assistance us strech a goals,” pronounced Müller. He supposing dual examples of this: digitalization and a margin of mobility services. “This is a margin with high benefit intensity for a attention in a entrance years. We wish to attend in this as many as we can,” a CEO explained. “We are operative tough on really earnest ideas in a margin of new mobility services. The discussions on this are already during an modernized stage. In addition, we will shortly form a legally independent, Group-wide association to foster business in a mobility services of a destiny with a compulsory speed, entrepreneurial concentration and a compulsory agility,” Müller announced.

Besides a endless realignment of a Group, operative by a diesel emanate will browbeat activities during Volkswagen this year. Müller pronounced that a many critical charge in this context is still providing constrained solutions for a business affected. “This will sojourn a many critical charge until a really final car has been put in order,” he assured. With a module strategy of diesel engines during Volkswagen, manners were damaged and reliable bounds overstepped. “We unequivocally bewail this. Also given we know that we have unhappy many people – people who have placed their trust in Volkswagen. We mount by a responsibility. And we are doing all in a energy to recover trust,” Müller stressed.

Looking behind to final year, that a Group sealed with a detriment overdue to high special equipment ensuing from a diesel issue, he said, “The Volkswagen Group’s operations are in good shape. Now some-more than ever, it is profitable off for us to have built a business on several tolerable pillars.” Chief Financial Officer Frank Witter added: “The boost in net liquidity in a Automotive Division from EUR 17.6 billion to EUR 24.5 billion during a finish of 2015 underscores a sound liquidity policy.”

Key sum for 2015

The Volkswagen Group delivered 9.9 million vehicles to business in mercantile year 2015, 2.0 percent fewer than in a before year. “Nevertheless, a Group was means to boost a sum sales revenue,” Witter explained. In particular, “improvements in a mix, certain sell rate effects and a financial services business” helped sales income to strech EUR 213.3 billion (previous year: EUR 202.5 billion) and so surpass a before year’s figure by 5.4 percent. Excluding special items, a Volkswagen Group’s handling distinction was on a turn with 2014, during EUR 12.8 billion. The handling lapse on sales before special equipment was in a approaching range, during 6.0 percent.

The diesel emanate led to sum well-developed charges of EUR 16.2 billion in 2015, that were famous in a handling result. This figure includes supplies for tentative technical modifications to a influenced diesel engines and repurchases that come to EUR 7.8 billion in total.

Another EUR 7.0 billion has been set aside as a sustenance for authorised risks worldwide. Thus, a Volkswagen Group finished sustenance for all famous and quantifiable repercussions of a diesel emanate in a 2015 annual financial statements. “Alongside a diesel issue, special equipment compared to restructuring losses amounting to EUR 0.2 billion in a trucks business and EUR 0.2 billion in a newcomer car business in South America had a disastrous impact,” Witter went on to explain. “Provisions of EUR 0.3 billion have been determined as authorities in a US and Canada have systematic all influenced car manufacturers to reinstate potentially poor airbags supplied.

Overall, disastrous special equipment famous in a handling outcome came to a sum of EUR 16.9 billion in a past mercantile year. As a result, a handling outcome declined neatly to EUR –4.1 (12.7) billion. The handling lapse on sales decreased to –1.9 (6.3) percent.

The smoothness sum also embody a vehicles sole by a Chinese corner ventures. Last year, Volkswagen sole 3.5 million units in China (incl. Hong Kong), 3.4 percent fewer than in a preceding year. The business of a Chinese corner ventures is not enclosed in a Group’s sales income and handling profit, however. From a really beginning, it has been accounted for in a financial outcome regulating a equity method. The share of handling distinction attributable to a Chinese corner ventures in 2015 remained during approximately EUR 5.2 billion.

The Group’s financial outcome rose final year to EUR 2.8 (2.1) billion. This includes a ordering benefit of EUR 1.5 billion from a sale of shares in Suzuki. The aloft income from a equity-accounted Chinese corner ventures than in a before year as a outcome of some-more auspicious sell rates as good as reduce financial costs also had a certain impact. By contrast, aloft losses from a dimensions of derivative financial instruments during a stating date and disastrous remeasurement effects relating to a put options and remuneration rights in a context of a control and distinction and detriment send agreement with MAN SE had a disastrous effect.

On a whole, benefit before taxation of a Volkswagen Group in 2015 came to EUR –1.3 (14.8) billion. The lapse on sales before taxation decreased to –0.6 percent from 7.3 percent in a before year. Earnings after taxation were EUR –1.4 (11.8) billion.

In viewpoint of a Group’s continued clever financial situation, a Board of Management and Supervisory Board will introduce to recompense a reduced multiplication of EUR 0.11 per typical share and EUR 0.17 per elite share during a Annual General Meeting of Volkswagen Aktiengesellschaft on Jun 22, 2016 notwithstanding a pointy tumble in a handling result. With this magnitude a Group is still focusing on smoothness in a multiplication payments and also promulgation out a absolute vigilance that it has a strength to hoop a stream conditions regulating a possess resources.

In 2015, a Automotive Division’s lapse on investment declined neatly – especially due to a special items. It fell from 14.9 percent to –0.2 percent in a stating period. In a Financial Services Division, a lapse on equity before taxation decreased somewhat from 12.5 percent to 12.2 percent final year. This was mostly due to worse regulatory collateral mandate and a compared aloft equity.

The Volkswagen Group’s financial conditions is still really favorable. Net money upsurge in a Automotive Division increasing by EUR 2.8 billion in 2015 to EUR 8.9 billion. Net liquidity in a Automotive Division rose to EUR 24.5 (17.6) billion. This underscores a Group’s sound liquidity process and gives it a compulsory financial fortitude and coherence to master a hurdles confronting it and to grow profitably.

The ratio of capex to sales income in a Automotive Division edged adult 0.5 commission points in 2015 to 6.9 percent. This means that Volkswagen is still within a approaching range. Apart from investing in a prolongation facilities, Volkswagen especially invested in a foundation of a expostulate system, a enlargement and environmental aspects of a indication operation and a modular toolkits.

Brands and Business Fields

The Volkswagen Passenger Cars code generated sales income of EUR 106.2 (99.8) billion in 2015, an boost of 6.5 percent year-on-year. Positive effects from sell rates and from a potency module were incompetent to recompense for disastrous effects outset from a markets in Brazil and Russia as good as from marketplace support measures related to a emissions issue. Operating distinction before special equipment therefore fell to EUR 2.1 (2.5) billion. The handling lapse on sales stood during 2.0 (2.5) percent. As always, a certain developments in section sales and benefit of a Chinese corner ventures are not enclosed in these figures.

At EUR 58.4 (53.8) billion, Audi’s sales income exceeded a prior-year figure by 8.6 percent. This was especially due to a certain section sales growth. Amounting to EUR 5.1 (5.2) billion, a handling distinction before special equipment was roughly turn with a before year. The handling distinction was increasing by a aloft volume and sell rate developments, while upfront investments in new products and technologies as good as a enlargement of a general prolongation network had a disastrous impact. The code generated an handling lapse on sales of 8.8 (9.6) percent. The diesel emanate led to special equipment of EUR 298 million. The financial pivotal opening indicators for a Lamborghini and Ducati brands are enclosed in a financial sum for a Audi brand.

ŠKODA’s sales income in 2015 was adult 6.2 percent year-on-year during EUR 12.5 (11.8) billion. Volume and brew effects as good as reduce element costs and certain sell rate effects carried a handling distinction to EUR 915 (817) million. The handling lapse on sales increasing to 7.3 (7.0) percent.

In 2015, SEAT generated sales income of EUR 8.6 (7.7) billion. The handling outcome showed a noted improvement, rising to EUR –10 (–127) million. This was radically due to a aloft sales volume, certain sell rate effects and cost optimization.

In mercantile year 2015, Bentley generated sales income of EUR 1.9 billion, adult 10.9 percent on a prior-year figure. Operating distinction though decreased by 34.9 percent to EUR 110 million. Positive sell rate effects and cost reductions were incompetent to recompense for a impact of reduce volumes and increasing upfront expenditures for new products. The brand’s handling lapse on sales was 5.7 (9.7) percent.

The Porsche code continued a success story in 2015. At EUR 21.5 (17.2) billion, sales income exceeded a prior-year figure by 25.2 percent. Operating distinction also softened by 25.2 percent to EUR 3.4 (2.7) billion. Stringent income and cost government helped to negate a disastrous effects from a changes in a mix, increasing constructional costs and aloft enlargement costs for destiny projects and technologies, and kept a handling lapse on sales fast year-on-year during 15.8 percent.

The sales income of Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles rose to EUR 10.3 (9.6) billion in 2015. Positive effects from a boost in section sales and improvements in sell rates were equivalent by aloft expenditures for renewing a product range, heading handling distinction before special equipment to diminution by 24.2 percent to EUR 382 million.

In a past mercantile year, tellurian direct for trucks and buses was good next a before year’s level. Scania generated sales income of EUR 10.5 (10.4) billion in this environment. Operating distinction rose to EUR 1,027 (EUR 955) million. The enlargement of a use business had a certain effect, as did sell rates. MAN generated sales income of EUR 13.7 (14.3) billion and an handling distinction before special equipment of EUR 277 (384) million.

Volkswagen Financial Services continued a enlargement arena and again achieved a record outcome in mercantile year 2015. This was aided by tighten team-work with Volkswagen Group brands, enlargement in existent markets and a enlargement of a general presence. Operating distinction during Volkswagen Financial Services grew by 12.9 percent year-on-year to EUR 1.9 billion. The multiplication sealed 5.2 million new financing, leasing and service/insurance contracts worldwide, an boost of 2.8 percent year-on-year.

Prospects for 2016

The Volkswagen Group started 2016 with some-more upbeat section sales figures. In a initial 3 months of a year, 2.5 million vehicles were delivered to customers, an boost of 0.8 percent over a prior-year period. With a difference of Volkswagen Passenger Cars, all brands increasing their deliveries in a initial quarter, in some cases substantially. Regional opening sundry greatly, as expected. For example, Russia and Brazil sojourn cryptic for all car manufacturers. In annoy of a diesel issue, a diminution in section sales in a United States has been kept in check on a whole, mostly interjection to a postulated success of Audi and Porsche. Contrasting with a trend in a United States, car sales in Europe and Asia-Pacific were really plain in a initial entertain of 2016. In China, a Volkswagen Group started a year on a strongest balance given entering a marketplace over 30 years ago. The Group expects that, on a whole, deliveries in 2016 will be on a turn with a before year amid steadfastly severe marketplace conditions, with a flourishing volume in China.

Aside from a emissions issue, a rarely rival sourroundings as good as seductiveness rate and sell rate sensitivity and fluctuations in tender materials prices all poise challenges. Positive effects are approaching from a potency programs implemented by all brands and from a modular toolkits.

Depending on a mercantile conditions – quite in South America and Russia –, a sell rate development, and in light of a emissions issue, a Board of Management estimates that 2016 sales income for a Volkswagen Group might be down by as many as 5 percent on a prior-year figure. In terms of a Group’s handling profit, a Board of Management anticipates an handling lapse on sales of between 5.0 and 6.0 percent in 2016.

In a Passenger Cars Business Area a Volkswagen Group expects a pointy diminution in sales revenue, with an handling lapse on sales in a operation of 5.5 to 6.5 percent. With sales income in a Commercial Vehicles Business Area approaching to sojourn radically unchanged, a handling lapse on sales should be between 2.0 and 4.0 percent. For a Financial Services Division, sales income and an handling distinction during a prior-year turn are expected.

In a difference of CEO Michael Müller, mercantile year 2016 will again be a really severe year for a Volkswagen Group, that it began “with drift for some confidence though also accordingly realistic.” “We are not vouchsafing a predicament delayed us down, though are stepping on a gas – in all of a brands, and in all applicable markets. All in all, from today’s viewpoint we have good chances of again recording plain enlargement in a handling business in 2016,” Müller explained. Volkswagen will emerge stronger from a benefaction moving conditions – “because we have a plain position on a operational side. Because a financial piece is strong. Because we know what needs to be done. And given we will do whatever is necessary,” pronounced a CEO with conviction.

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