Volkswagen is to furnish a new e-Golf in Dresden, too

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The Volkswagen code is converting a Transparent Factory in Dresden into a prolongation trickery again. From Apr 2017, a new e-Golf is to be constructed there. This was announced in Dresden on Thursday by Dr. Frank Welsch, Member of a Volkswagen Brand Board of Management obliged for Development, in a participation of Stanislaw Tillich, Prime Minister of Saxony, Martin Dulig, Minister of Economic Affairs of Saxony, and Dresden’s Mayor Dirk Hilbert. In a New European Driving Cycle, a new e-Golf offers a operation of adult to 300 kilometers. In future, a indication is to be constructed during a trickery in Dresden, Saxony, in serve to a categorical Golf plant in Wolfsburg.

Volkswagen will be investing some-more than €20 million in a growth of a Transparent Factory into a “Center of Future Mobility”. In addition, Volkswagen Sachsen and Dresden recently concluded on a extensive partnership to encourage e-mobility and digitalization that is to make Dresden a indication city for sustainable, integrated civic mobility. Welsch: “Volkswagen, Dresden and Saxony are removing off to an enterprising start towards a destiny of mobility together. We are creation e-mobility a heading here.”

Production in Dresden is to resume during a commencement of Apr 2017– primarily in single-shift operation. Furthermore, business will be means to take smoothness of all a electrified models of a Volkswagen code – a e-up! (1), a e-Golf (2), a Golf GTE (3) and a Passat GTE (4) – in Dresden in serve to a Autostadt in Wolfsburg. Welsch: “Volkswagen is committed to a Transparent Factory in Dresden. The prolongation of a new e-Golf is a new start, it will give a clever signal.”

One year ago, a Transparent Factory was converted into a “showcase for e-mobility and digitalization” for visitors and customers. More than 40 exhibits and vehicles now give a glance of a destiny of mobility in an interactive, interesting way. Since then, over 75,000 people have visited a trickery and some-more than 1,800 intensity business have taken a event for a exam expostulate with electric vehicles.

‎Saxony’s Prime Minister Stanislaw Tillich said: “Volkswagen and Saxony paint a proven partnership and a vital success story that we will continue operative on during all locations. we am really gratified that we will be starting a new section with a prolongation of a e-Golf during a Transparent Factory. With a expertise and innovative ideas supposing by Saxon universities and investigate institutes in a fields of automotive engineering, electrical engineering and microelectronics, Saxony, that has a prolonged tradition of automobile production, offers all a pivotal skills indispensable for a serve growth of mobility.”

“With a singular multiple that allows visitors to knowledge a prolongation of an electric model, automobile delivery, events and electric exam drives, a revisit to a Transparent Factory will turn an memorable knowledge for customers. We wish to yield a tighten confront with a mobility of a future,” Prof. Dr. Siegfried Fiebig, Speaker of a Management Board of Volkswagen Sachsen, explained. “I am really gratified that prolongation is to restart during a Transparent Factory in Apr 2017. The e-Golf in Dresden is a transparent summary – we are relocating into a future,” Thomas Aehlig, Chairman of a Works Council in Dresden, said. “It is critical that – as a initial step – some of a employees will be returning to Dresden. More stairs need to follow.”

Dresden’s Mayor Dirk Hilbert said: “I am really gratified that prolongation is to restart during a Transparent Factory. This will yield a clever vigilance for Dresden as an industrial location. At prolonged last, we will have a automobile done in Dresden again, and one with an electric motor. This fits in really good with a prophesy for a destiny of a city: ‘Dresden 2030+’. We intend to finish a mutation into a tolerable civic region. For us, destiny mobility concepts and technologies not usually meant autonomous, connected pushing though also a use of choice powertrains, for instance in sequence to revoke emissions. Together, we are on a right lane towards a intelligent city.”

Two weeks ago, Volkswagen Sachsen and Dresden, a Saxon capital, sealed a extensive team-work agreement. This states that Dresden is to turn a indication city for e-mobility, digitalization and innovative swift management. Specific points lonesome by a agreement embody a extensive enlargement of charging infrastructure, a changeover of a whole metropolitan swift to electric vehicles, innovative automobile pity projects and a growth of a business incubator for start-ups in a margin of mobility services.

1) e-up!: energy expenditure in kWh/100km: 11.7 (combined); CO2 emissions in
    g/km: 0 (combined); potency class: A+

2) e-Golf: this indication is not accessible for sale. As a ubiquitous handling assent has not
    nonetheless been issued, it is not theme to Directive 1999/94/EC.

3) Golf GTE: fuel expenditure in l/100 km: 1,7-1,5 (combined); energy consumption
    in kWh/100 km: 12,4 – 11,4 (combined); CO2-emissions in g/km: 39 – 35
    (combined); potency class: A+

4) Passat GTE: Fuel consumption, l/100 km: 1.7 – 1.6 (combined; electrical
    consumption, kWh/100 km: 12.8 – 12.2 (combined); CO2-emissions in g/km:
    39 – 37 (combined); potency class: A+.

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