Volkswagen now concerned in a Formula E Championship

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Volkswagen is participating in a FIA Formula E Championship array as a vital partner of a ABT Schaeffler team. The general racing array for all-electric regulation vehicles done a entrance in Sep 2014 and captivated a good understanding of media courtesy and a outrageous array of spectators and radio viewers in usually a initial season. The 2015-16 deteriorate will start in Asia. A sum of 11 travel circuit races will be hold via a deteriorate in cities in Asia, North and South America and Europe.

The Formula E Championship done a fantastic entrance final year with several hundred million radio viewers worldwide and scarcely 400,000 spectators backing a travel circuits in Buenos Aires, Miami, Berlin, London and other cities. When a new deteriorate starts on 17 Oct in Beijing, Volkswagen will also be on palm as a sponsor.

ABT Schaeffler and Volkswagen suffer a long-standing and successful partnership in that sustainability plays a pivotal role. For example, a Scirocco R-Cup hold with biogas vehicles from 2011 to 2014 was a world’s many environmentally accessible code crater racing series.

With a all-electric models, such as a e-Golf and e-up!, as good as plug-in variety like a Golf GTE and Passat GTE, Volkswagen has a many endless choice of vehicles with electric expostulate systems.

ABT Schaeffler – a usually German group to attend in a initial Formula E deteriorate – finished adult finishing third in both a Drivers’ Championship and a Teams’ Championship with drivers Daniel Abt, 22, and Lucas di Grassi, 31.

e-Golf: electrical consumption, kWh/100 km: 12,7 (combined); CO2 emissions, g/km: 0 (combined); potency class: A+

e-up!: electrical consumption, kWh/100 km: 11,7 (combined), CO2 emissions, g/km: 0 (combined); potency class: A+

Golf GTE: fuel consumption, l/100 km: 1,5 (combined), CO2 emissions, g/km: 35 (combined), potency class: A+

Passat GTE: fuel consumption, l/100 km: 1,7 – 1,6 (combined); CO2 emissions, g/km: 39 – 37 (combined), potency class: A+

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