Volkswagen opens new section in “Think Blue. Book.”

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New picture mark focuses on tolerable prolongation and general projects during Volkswagen

Continuing a “Think Blue. Book.” debate launched in Mar 2013, Volkswagen is presenting a new picture mark and a initial imitation ads. The concentration is on a brand’s goals for tolerable prolongation (“Think Blue. Factory.”) as good as inhabitant and general projects traffic with environmental protection.

“Lower environmental impact – Greater sustainability – Reaching goals together” – these are a pivotal messages of a new mark presented in a informed witty proceed that takes adult a Volkswagen brand’s environmental goals such as shortening production-related emissions by 25nbsp;percent. Once again, a subject for a pattern and stage of a mark is a “Think Blue.” book, that not usually contains pages on “Think Blue. Factory.” though also includes extracts on a natural-gas runabout econbsp;up! as good as photos of a “youthinkgreen – jugend denkt um.welt” beginning and a general fuel saving championship.

Like a progressing shave about a eco up!, a new “Think Blue.” picture mark uses stop suit technology. This technique involves a use of particular images of still objects that emanate a apparition of suit when noticed in a series. The paper landscape used in a mark was combined as a haptic indication and remade into 3-D by CGI (computer-generated-imagery).

In addition, dual new imitation ads on a tolerable indication operation and a “Think Blue.” proceed are also being expelled as partial of a latest campaign. BlackBoardBerlin binds a debate budget. Further spots and imitation motifs will follow over a entrance months.

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