Volkswagen Passenger Cars code delivers 1.94 million vehicles from Jan to April

Posted on 13. May, 2016 by in Volkswagen Canada

The Volkswagen Passenger Cars code handed over 1.94 million vehicles to business worldwide in a initial 4 months of a year, so roughly relating a prior-year turn (1.98 million). 476,700 units were delivered in Apr 2016, 3.9 percent fewer than a allied month final year (April 2015: 496,000). “At a moment, China along with Central and Eastern Europe are a usually expansion regions for a Volkswagen brand,” Jürgen Stackmann, Member of a Board of Management of a Volkswagen Passenger Cars code obliged for Sales, Marketing and After-Sales, said, commenting on a situation. “However, we are gratified to note that deliveries in a North America segment rose in Apr for a initial time this year, and were 4.0 percent aloft than a same month in 2015.”

In terms of informal developments worldwide, Volkswagen delivered 579,500 vehicles to business on a altogether European marketplace from Jan to April, on a standard with a prior-year level. At 511,000 units, a Volkswagen Passenger Cars code kept deliveries in Western Europe roughly stable. Deliveries to business in Central and Eastern Europe in this duration rose by 4.1 percent. While a conditions in Russia continued to decrease (-10.2 percent), there was a noted boost in deliveries in countries such as Poland, a Czech Republic and Hungary. According to Stackmann, “the Tiguan is now being launched successfully on European markets and ramp-up is in full swing. We design certain movement for a residue of this year from this critical new product. The same relates for a Touran, a Bora and a Magotan in China.”

The code delivered 50,700 units in a North America segment in a fourth month of this year, an boost of 4.0 percent compared with Apr 2015. Deliveries grown quite good on a Mexican market. In April, 31,900 vehicles were handed over to business in South America, where a altogether marketplace conditions remained difficult. The year-on-year downturn in Brazil is still clearly noticeable; however, a rested Volkswagen Gol launched during a commencement of a year was a bestselling indication in 10 of a country’s 26 states in Apr 2016.

In China, Volkswagen Passenger Cars delivered a sum of 939,400 vehicles to business in a initial 4 months of a year, a 4.4 percent boost on a allied prior-year period. This is a new smoothness record for a initial 4 months of a year.

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