Volkswagen Passenger Cars code delivers 5 million vehicles in duration to November

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The Volkswagen Passenger Cars code delivered 5.34 million vehicles to business from Jan to Nov this year. “Developments in universe markets, that are in some cases tense, and their effects on a Volkswagen Passenger Cars code will continue until a finish of a year,” explained Jürgen Stackmann, Member of a Board of Management of a Volkswagen Passenger Cars code obliged for Sales, Marketing and After-Sales. The decrease in a Brazilian and Russian markets continues, “a expansion that is also inspiring Volkswagen. In contrast, deliveries by a code in China rose.” For a year as a whole, Stackmann expects a stream trend to continue: “On a accumulative basis, we are now 4.5 percent next a figure for a prior year. In perspective of a conditions of a brand, that is now challenging, we do not design that we will be means to recompense for this tumble in a remaining days of a year.” Last year, a Volkswagen Passenger Cars code delivered 6.12 million units via a world.

In China, a largest singular market, a code once again grew deliveries in Nov significantly by 8.6 percent. In a whole Asia-Pacific region, a code delivered 2.58 million units from Jan to November.

Stackmann added: “Western Europe has traditionally been one of a cornerstones of a brand. This is because we are quite gratified to note that a business are remaining constant to us, generally in this proviso that is so severe for a company.” In November, deliveries by a Volkswagen Passenger Cars code in a Western Europe segment rose by a sum of 2.4 percent. The code continued a expansion in Germany, Italy and Spain. In contrast, developments in Central and Eastern Europe were dominated by deliveries in Russia, that once again fell.

In North America, deliveries were generally influenced by a decrease in a United States. Here, deliveries by a Volkswagen Passenger Cars code decreased by about a entertain in November, generally as a outcome of a sales stop for diesel models. The severe mercantile developments in Brazil continue to browbeat a conditions in South America: 431,100 vehicles were handed over to new business in a duration to November, including 314,800 in Brazil.

As regards a estimate and fortitude of a diesel issue, Stackmann added: “Volkswagen Group has presented specific technical measures for a EA 189 engines* that are influenced to a Federal Motor Transport Authority (KBA), a physique that is responsible. Following complete assessment, a measures have already been authorized by a KBA. The Volkswagen code is now in a routine of organizing and scheming for a doing of a technical measures.” He pronounced that a categorical concentration was on solutions that were as customer-friendly as possible. The doing of a measures is to start in Jan and will substantially continue via 2016. “For a customers, we wish to keep a time indispensable to exercise a technical measures as brief as possible. Via a dealers, we will be contacting any of a business and will do all in a energy to take particular customers’ needs into care in a doing of a technical measures in sequence to equivocate any disadvantages such as probable mobility restrictions.” In propinquity to these modifications, a Volkswagen code will offer appropriate, free-of-charge mobility options if these are compulsory by customers.

Overview of deliveries by a Volkswagen Passenger Cars brand:

* NB: The information in this press recover does not impute to products and services from a Volkswagen Group of America or Volkswagen Canada.

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