Volkswagen recalls Touran EcoFuel 2006 to 2009 indication years to service

Posted on 08. Jul, 2016 by in Volkswagen Canada


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• Replacement of front gas bottles necessary
• Vehicles usually to be used in petrol mode until service

Volkswagen has released a tellurian remember for approx. 5,900 Touran EcoFuel vehicles from indication years 2006 to 2009, of that approx. 3,800 are in Germany. The debate will reinstate a front gas bottles during use centers as a precautionary measure. On some of these vehicles, a outdoor skin might presumably no longer yield a required gnawing insurance due to repairs caused by outmost influences. Therefore vehicles should usually be used in petrol mode until service. Fitting will be carried out during certified Volkswagen use centers.

The problem was rescued during inner tests and has already been accurate in stream production. A rebate of a gas bottle’s wall density can lead to the ripping and therefore implicate critical injury. Vehicle owners are being contacted directly by Volkswagen and suggested that vehicles should usually be used in petrol mode until use has taken place. Repairs during use centers will be giveaway of assign and will be carried out as fast as probable by arrangement.

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