Volkswagen receives go-ahead from a Federal Motor Transport Authority for a alteration of models with a 1.2-litre EA189 TDI engine

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Implementation of a technical resolution starts for 460,000 vehicles of several influenced Group models

The Federal Motor Transport Authority (KBA) has authorized a technical solutions for vehicles with a 1.2-litre EA189 TDI engine. The KBA capitulation relates to 460,000 vehicles of influenced Group brands, including a Volkswagen Polo and SEAT Ibiza models. The program refurbish can now be soon carried out on a initial vehicles of a second influenced engine-size category. The owners of these models are being constantly sensitive and can afterwards make an early appointment with an certified seminar to have a refurbish done.

In Germany business are being sensitive in a two-stage process. In theatre one, all of a owners endangered have already been told by a minute concluded with a KBA that their car is influenced by a alteration programme. In a second letter, business afterwards get asked to make an appointment with a partner business of their choice. Being sent in several tranches, this minute is now also going to owners of a aforementioned models with 1.2-litre TDI engines.

The alteration for vehicles with influenced 2.0-litre TDI engines began behind during a start of a year. This is now being followed by a doing of a technical resolution for vehicles with a smallest cubic ability chronicle of a influenced EA189 engine type. Technical solutions are so now accessible for influenced models with 2.0-litre TDI and 1.2-litre TDI engines.

Following a alteration a vehicles do all orthodox requirements. The KBA has also reliable but any restrictions that a technical solutions for these models means no changes to fuel expenditure levels, opening information or sound emissions. The KBA had formerly already endorsed this for all other vehicles authorized to date for a recall.

Volkswagen is stability to put each bid into implementing a technical solutions and will scold all vehicles influenced by a NOx issue. This is being finished in tighten conference with a applicable authorities. The business will catch no costs as a outcome of a technical measures being carried out. As partial of a remember routine all business are also being offering an suitable deputy means of ride giveaway of charge.

The influenced vehicles are technically protected and fit to drive. Between now and their modification, they can continue to be used on a highway but any restrictions. The compulsory technical solutions are being implemented opposite Europe formed on a report and movement devise concluded with a KBA.

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