Volkswagen trains 20,000 immature women and men

Posted on 03. Jan, 2014 by in Volkswagen Canada

Throughout a universe and including all years of training, Volkswagen is now training some 20,000 immature women and group – some-more than ever before. 12,700 apprentices are completing their vocational training in Germany. About 7,300 immature people are receiving their training during Group comforts in other countries. This figure includes about 2,000 immature people from auxiliary institutions in China, Portugal, Hungary, a USA and Belgium. This year alone, Volkswagen has recruited some-more than 6,000 apprentices.

Dr. Horst Neumann, Member of a Board of Management of Volkswagen Aktiengesellschaft obliged for Human Resources, said: “Excellent vocational training provides a sound basement for a tip team. We can usually make a best cars with employees who are outstandingly good trained. Throughout a world, apprentices are appropriation high levels of dilettante cunning with Volkswagen since we safeguard a tighten tie between speculation and use in a twin training system. Our apprentices therefore have a best prospects for a successful destiny in their vocation.”

The Chairman of a General and Group Works Council, Bernd Osterloh, emphasized: “Young colleagues with superb education are a pivotal exigency for a destiny success of Volkswagen. At a same time, a Group is shouldering a amicable responsibility. Good training is a best substructure for secure employment.”

The 20,000 immature people are completing their training with Volkswagen in some-more than 50 vocations. Training is supposing within 36 vocational families within that Volkswagen pools associated skills.

The many desired apprenticeships for immature people are in a metalworking and electrical margin (e.g. industrial mechanic), in a car margin (e.g. car mechatronics technician) and in toolmaking (e.g. steel slicing mechanic). About 2,300 immature women and group (almost one in 8 apprentices) are intent in a twin march of studies. At a same time as their vocational training, they are enrolled with a eminent university and are therefore operative towards twin famous qualifications.

The Volkswagen Group offers twin vocational training, that combines unsentimental work with classroom instruction, during some-more than 40 locations via a world. The plants that yield training of this form outward Germany embody comforts in Russia, a USA, Brazil and China.

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