Volkswagen Truck & Bus during a IAA Commercial Vehicles 2016 Sustainability interjection to purify and intelligent technology

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For a initial time, Volkswagen Truck Bus will be presenting itself to a extended open as a organisation of clever brands during a IAA Commercial Vehicles 2016. On a dusk before to a opening of a world’s largest blurb vehicles trade show, a association will be displaying a muster highlights sum by MAN, Scania, Volkswagen Caminhões e Ônibus and Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles, all underneath one common roof.

In further to countless new products, special concentration will also be on a topics of choice drives and connected blurb vehicles. In line with this, a dusk eventuality is presented underneath a slogan, “Get connected. Driving travel to a subsequent level.” Volkswagen Truck Bus will be display a vast series of technologies in Hanover, directed during enhancing sustainability in a zone of transporting people and goods. These will make blurb vehicles even cleaner and ride processes generally some-more intelligent.

Andreas Renschler, CEO of Volkswagen Truck Bus and member of a Volkswagen AG Management Board obliged for Commercial Vehicles, is delighted: “This is a special impulse for a still immature enterprise, though also for me personally, to be means to benefaction a innovative strength of a brands here in Hanover on a sum basement for a initial time. We have set ourselves a transparent idea in that we aim to turn Global Champion in a attention in a march of a subsequent decade. And a entrance decade will change a universe of blurb vehicles some-more than a final fifty years. The reason for this is digitalization. This is because we have grown a new code RIO, that will assistance all those concerned in a travel ecosystem to turn some-more profitable. By a finish of 2017, each lorry constructed by MAN and Scania will be online. Even today, we are Europe’s heading code in a shred of connected blurb vehicles. We shall be gradually changing from being quite a car manufacturer to turn a provider of intelligent ride systems.” RIO offers all players along a travel sequence an open-source, cloud-based digital platform, thereby providing extremely some-more clarity and efficiency, as good as benefiting a environment.

Alternative drives and electromobility

Even formed on required diesel engines, today’s complicated trucks and buses are already really clean. MAN, Scania and Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles will, for instance, be presenting their latest engine generations during a IAA Commercial Vehicles, that lead a approach in terms of efficiency, low fuel expenditure and reduced emissions. In addition, Volkswagen Truck Bus will be display a whole operation of choice expostulate concepts charity by a brands. To an augmenting extent, these also embody electric drives, that are set to play an ever some-more critical purpose in a blurb vehicles sector.

In future, a brands operated by Volkswagen Truck Bus will be charity business a extended preference of electric vehicles. From a e-load up! and eCrafter constructed by Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles, along with a hybrid and electric buses constructed by MAN and Scania, to a MAN eTruck, a heavy-duty civic placement vehicle, their portfolio will, in a nearby future, cover roughly all areas of application. But a diesel engine still has a prolonged approach to go. “Notably in a box of long-haul ride or on construction sites, a diesel engine will continue to play a poignant purpose for some time yet,” says Andreas Renschler, adding that, “Even if everybody is now articulate about electromobility, we don´t intend to let ourselves be limited with courtesy to a technological scope. Which is because quite electric drives apparently have their place in a growth strategy, usually as many as fuel cells, hybrid drives, biodiesel and gas. We can't foreordain to business what they should use, though we will be charity them accurately a resolution that is ideal for their purpose and also generates a blurb advantage.”

New models during a IAA 2016

Not usually will Volkswagen Truck Bus brands be displaying a firework of innovations with their digital solutions, though also with a vehicles themselves. These embody a following highlights:

MAN will be presenting a new TGE for a initial time. In a operation of models charity by a Munich-based lorry manufacturer, this transporter occupies a shred of light blurb vehicles with a slight sum weight of between 3.0 and 5.5 tonnes. The TGE is MAN’s initial answer to those light travel tasks outset in a ride and haulage zone in a march of daily operative life. This will be impressively demonstrated by 3 opposite bodywork options on a MAN mount in Hall 12, Stand B14.

Scania’s coming during a trade satisfactory will be noted wholly by a new lorry generation. This is a outcome of 10 years of growth work and offers a many modernized car record for heavy-duty blurb vehicles. The new lorry era presented by Scania reduces fuel expenditure by an normal of 5% – interjection to some-more worldly engine record and state-of-the-art aerodynamic solutions. Its new S and R-series vehicles, along with many other novel innovations, will be available visitors in Hall 17, Stand B06.

Volkswagen Caminhões e Ônibus will be presenting an anniversary chronicle of a successful heavy-duty ride indication in a form of a Constellation 25/420. Over a past 10 years, some-more than 180,000 vehicles have been sold, creation a association a marketplace personality in Brazil. Offering 420 hp and a torque of 1 850 Nm, it is a initial choice for heavy-duty travel tasks, not usually in Brazil. Its robustness and trustworthiness make it ideal for handling conditions in building economies. Visitors can find Volkswagen Caminhões e Ônibus in Hall 12, Stand B14.

Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles will be display several versions of a wholly newly-developed Crafter, that have been privately designed to support for patron needs. These offer a aloft payload, larger bucket capacity, optimized altogether measure and a vast series of drives and derivatives. Above all, a newly-developed and finely-tuned framework joined with innovative assistance systems yield for convincing pushing poise and a poignant benefit in safety, along with a aspect of entirely upgraded comfort in this car category. Reaching 0.33, a new Crafter offers a best Cd value in this category of vehicles. The new Crafter and many other Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles innovations can be noticed in Hall 12, Stand B04.

Volkswagen Truck Bus

Volkswagen Truck Bus GmbH is a wholly-owned auxiliary of Volkswagen AG and is a tellurian personality in blurb vehicles with a brands MAN, Scania, and Volkswagen Caminhões e Ônibus. In 2015, a brands of Volkswagen Truck Bus sole a sum of 179,000 vehicles. Its product operation includes medium- and heavy-duty trucks and buses that are made during 25 sites in 17 countries. As of Dec 31, 2015, a Company employed 76,000 people within all blurb car brands worldwide. Volkswagen Truck Bus is committed to formulating a Global Champion in terms of profitability, patron innovations, and tellurian presence. Already today, a Group has a heading marketplace position in a European and South American lorry markets.


Note: You can find a live coverage of a press conference, a debate of Andreas Renschler, Member of a Executive Board of Volkswagen AG obliged for blurb vehicles and CEO of Volkswagen Truck Bus GmbH, as good content and photos underneath

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