Volkswagen Truck & Bus increases sales in initial quarter

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Volkswagen Truck Bus has sole around 42,000 trucks and buses in a initial 3 months of 2016, adult 6% on a prior-year level.

Since May 2015, a activities of MAN Truck Bus, MAN Latin America — that generates a vital partial of a sales underneath a code Volkswagen Caminhões e Ônibus — and Scania are bundled underneath a roof of Volkswagen Truck Bus GmbH. In a initial entertain of 2016, MAN Truck Bus sole 18,940 units (+17%), MAN Latin America sole 4,670 units (-23%), and Scania 18,440 units (+5%).

Volkswagen Truck Bus’s commencement of a year was quite successful in a lorry business. With 38,640 units sold, lorry sales were adult 7% compared with a same entertain final year. The expansion of a regions varied: sales in Western Europe increasing by 24%. Especially a United Kingdom, France, and Germany posted an increase. Unit sales also increasing in Central and Eastern Europe, buoyed generally by a certain trend in Poland. The developments in South America continued to be a challenge. The conditions still stays unusually stretched in Brazil. Due to a marketplace climate, lorry sales there declined by 23% in a initial 3 months.

At 3,250 units, sales in a train business of Volkswagen Truck Bus were 6% subsequent a prior-year level.

Andreas Renschler, CEO of Volkswagen Truck Bus GmbH and Member of a Board of Management of Volkswagen AG, is optimistic: “Our start in 2016 has been a good success — both in terms of building a business and in direct for a products. Particularly in Europe, orders for trucks are on a arise again. However, Brazil still stays a challenge: a marketplace there has probably belligerent to a halt. However, we am assured that we will see improvements there in a middle term, too. Our clever position there will be a vital advantage and minister significantly on a approach to apropos tellurian champion. Even in formidable times, we mount entirely behind this pivotal marketplace of a future.”

MAN Latin America responded to a formidable conditions with serve cuts. Nevertheless, there were china linings, too. Mexico posted a poignant boost compared with a same entertain final year. Unit sales for vehicles in Angola, to where Volkswagen Caminhões e Ônibus exports vehicles, were also on a rise. In a initial quarter, MAN Truck Bus resolutely implemented a new corporate plan and has continued to allege a destiny expansion program. MAN is formulation to enhance a business area within a horizon of this strategy. The new multiplication “Telematics and Digital Solutions”, that is already good modernized in terms of crew and content, plays a pivotal purpose here. MAN Truck Bus is even somewhat forward of report implementing a destiny expansion program. The formula of a initial entertain will already uncover certain effects from a restructuring measures.

In 2016, Scania is celebrating a 125-year anniversary — and during a same time looking into a future. In Mar 2016, a association announced a vital partnership with a mobile communication provider Ericsson. Both companies wish to allege connectivity in a blurb vehicles business. Scania has been operative on this emanate given a early 2000s. As a result, roughly one in 3 Scania trucks not comparison than 10 years is interconnected.

MAN and Scania are entirely intent and have plenty knowledge in electronic coupling and programmed pushing that they also demonstrated by participating in a “European Truck Platooning Challenge” — a exam expostulate with trucks that are connected in platoons around digital information transmission. In this case, dual or some-more trucks expostulate behind any other creation best use of a slipstream of a car pushing in front. This reduces diesel expenditure and CO2 emissions by adult to 10%. German Transportation Minister Alexander Dobrindt gave a starting vigilance for MAN.

With around 200,000 trucks, Volkswagen Truck Bus is marketplace personality in Europe and is formulation to make a three-digit million investment in a middle operation into digital creation within a subsequent 5 years. At MAN and Scania, 300 employees are now operative on this expansion process.

Volkswagen Truck Bus began a start-up routine final year. All a core functions are now in place. In terms of routine development, strategy, and product planning, a association has done substantial swell in a final few months. Collaboration among a lorry brands assimilated underneath a roof of a holding is progressing. The staff began relocating into a domicile in Braunschweig in Apr this year.

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