Volkswagen Truck & Bus launches cloud-based "operating system" for a whole travel industry

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As of a commencement of 2017, Volkswagen Truck Bus will be charity an open and cloud-based “operating system” for a whole travel industry.

It is a initial that all players in a supply sequence — shippers, dispatchers, carriers, drivers and recipients — will be connected with a uniform information and concentration complement including forecasting features. Thanks to intelligent algorithms, RIO combines opposite sources of information and afterwards analyzes them. Based on a total information from tractors, trailers, bodies, drivers, and orders as good as mixing this information with traffic, weather, or navigation data, RIO will yield a users with petrify recommendations for movement in genuine time. This will significantly urge a travel and reloading process. It will also significantly boost potency and clarity in a travel ecosystem.

“Operating system” for a tellurian supply chain

To this date, harnessing information within a travel attention is oftentimes not probable due to a players concerned who use opposite program systems e.g. opposite load and car government systems. RIO is a initial to offer a common height and so one that can be used regardless of a car code or telematics system. This means that swift business with churned fleets can usually use digital services in one singular solution. In addition, all car forms can be refitted though any difficulties. Systems that already exist and that are used as singular solutions — e.g. for handling car data, maintenance, gripping gangling tools in batch or during a driver’s showing — can be eliminated to a common platform.

Andreas Renschler, CEO of Volkswagen Truck Bus, comments: “Rio will essentially change a universe of travel as we know it. For a initial time, a one height enables a registration, management, and integrated use of all information and information accessible in a travel system. That is essential for a business since it creates their business some-more profitable. And it is good for a environment, since we will see fewer dull trucks on a road. RIO will already be accessible in a few months. The destiny of travel does not start in 2025, though right here and now.”

RIO is formed on an MAN beginning and is managed by MAN’s Digital Solutions fuction. The aim is to boost a customer’s profitability. “What we can see rising here is a height where any user will advantage away from a combined value — regardless of how a swift looks, that car with that physique is carrying a sales order, and that logistics program is used,” says Joachim Drees, CEO of MAN Truck Bus AG and Member of a Board of Volkswagen Truck Bus GmbH. He emphasizes: “Logistics 4.0 can usually attain if synthetic barriers and information islands are overcome. That is because we are creation each bid to support a growth of RIO.”

As of open 2017, new MAN trucks will be versed with RIO as standard; in addition, any Scania patron can bond with a height on request. Using a refit box, any car can be integrated into a network with an FMS interface. Here, RIO automatically receives updates during any time and simply around a cloud. Updates will be carried out around 40 times per year.

Digitization done easy — RIO leads a approach by a information jungle

RIO is not usually engaging for operators of vast fleets. Especially for tiny and medium-sized travel companies, RIO provides a ideal event to take advantage of a advantages of digitization though a need to have clever IT skills or specifically lerned experts. Similar to handling systems of smartphones, several apps can be used with RIO that are discerning in their operation and run in any customary web browser. There will be vehicle-specific services — e.g. from MAN or Scania — though also a marketplace for cross-vendor apps or those of third-party providers. Another special underline of RIO is a unchanging user interface opposite all functions: Here a concentration was not usually on easy recognizability; a sold concentration was to accommodate direct by providing to a opposite stakeholders of a ecosystem an discerning interface and subsequently ensuring extended user acceptance.

Markus Lipinsky, Chief Digital Officer during MAN and obliged for RIO, explains: “It is not about rising another telematics system. Instead, we deliberately designed RIO as an open height that brings together a countless island solutions. we am assured that one record association alone can't master a complexity of a logistics industry. We are therefore looking for as many partners as probable with a same objective: to optimize a tellurian travel chain, thereby shortening costs and emissions.”

The initial partners of RIO are i.a. Continental, Schmitz Cargobull, Krone, Meiller, and TomTom. Microlise, Telogis, and Idem have been a resolution partners from a start here, and BNS and LIS are a program partners. In addition, RIO is operative with start-ups such as Synfioo, Park Here, and Loadfox.

Examples of destiny applications

Driver’s Connectivity — The app sends applicable information to a driver’s smartphone, such as new travel orders. Following one click, a app directly navigates to a customer.

Truck Share is a underline for shared-economy requirements. Vehicles can be handed over with a digital entrance key. Directly on a smartphone.

Loadfox is an app for a intelligent sequence government of prejudiced loads. Thanks to this app, trucks can be improved employed by assigning additional load along a track of usually partially installed trucks. This reduces a volume of traffic, increases efficiency, and helps cut emissions.

These and many other facilities will be demonstrated by RIO during a IAA Commercial Vehicles in Hanover. The range of a apps will be different from a beginning: trimming from truck-sharing, motorist coaching, and optimized function of a vehicles to a village for truckers — from DTCO download to geo-fencing.

Note: You can find a live coverage of a press conference, a debate of Andreas Renschler, Member of a Executive Board of Volkswagen AG obliged for blurb vehicles and CEO of Volkswagen Truck Bus GmbH, as good content and photos underneath


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