Volkswagen’s tip Spring Break Destination: 2011 Southern Wörthersee recap

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Nestled in a Appalachian Mountains, a tiny city of Helen, GA, is a reproduction of a Bavarian alpine encampment and a ideal backdrop for a fifth annual Southern Wrthersee Event. The town, home to usually 450 residents, came alive as a thousands of Volkswagen enthusiasts forsaken in and spent a weekend competing, articulate shop, and socializing during a biggest Southern Wrthersee yet. If we were propitious adequate to get into Helen on Friday night, we were treated live bands and DJs spinning during internal hotspot, Bigg Daddys, right in a heart of town.

This years awards enclosed a Peoples Choice prizes of authentic Bier Steins presented by Bynum Builds for a Longest Distance Driven, Outstanding Club Spirit, and H2O Tunings Club Choice. WagenWerks presented their Trophy for Best Motorsport Theme, and Taste O a South awarded a Farthest Distance Traveled.

Much to a warn of organizer Matthew Bounds, Volkswagen of America done their entrance coming this year. Id been watchful for this phone call for 5 years. Im so gratified Volkswagen came out to unite a show. One of a biggest highlights of SoWo was a How Low Can You Go contest, hosted by Bigg Daddys, to see whose V-Dub was forsaken a lowest. Even a military cruiser went by a temporary dilapidation party.

VWoA brought out a hottest lineup of uncover cars, including souped-up and pre-production cars for a enthusiasts to check out, like a 311horsepower Eco CC, a yet-to-be-released Jetta GLI, and a really renouned matte black 375 hp R-GTI racer. All were large hits during a show, as was a HR-built Golf with a German flag-inspired paint pursuit on a bodyand even on a stop calipers. But nothing of a cars got some-more courtesy than a all-new all-wheel expostulate turbo-charged 2012 VW Golf R. Yes, a a usually one now in a states.

Its a prolonged highway to Southern Wrthersee, and painters fasten has prolonged been a apparatus used by a many zealous weekend warriors to strengthen a front bumpers of their cars from removing nicked and scratched adult from pebbles and other waste on their journeys. This tradition has solemnly developed into a enlightenment of highway messaging and artistic countenance while caravanning to several events opposite a country. So VWoA combined a diversion for a throng to uncover off their talents with a plea called Tape Off, where 3 teams go head-to-head to see who can emanate a best pattern on mounted 2011 Jetta hoods. Each winning group was presented a special painters fasten trophy, and all contestants got to keep their Tape Crew mechanics shirt. New York-based artist Walker Fee came out to do a tradition fasten pursuit on a 2011 Jetta. He was on a pursuit for roughly 8 hours before he had to leave to locate his moody behind to a Big Apple, and it didnt seem as if he cared if he missed his flight. Ive never had a possibility to try fasten art on a car, and a really a biggest board Ive ever used, he said. we came in with some preconceived ideas of what we wanted to do when we got here, though when we finally got on a site, all of that went out a window and we was only feeding off a crowd.

The uncover finished Sunday with whats turn a tradition during SoWo, The Drivers Edition Alpine Experience. This 40-mile expostulate nearby a Tail of a Dragon, with a twists and turns in a plateau only outward of Helen, is one of a many singular aspects of a show, giving enthusiasts a possibility to come together on one of a many lifelike drives in a states.

Much like SoWo, a an knowledge youre not expected to forget!

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