Welcome to a DTM: A special “Series Guide” for guest starter Alessandro Zanardi.

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Munich. Alessandro Zanardi (ITA) is a motorsport legend.
However, a 51-year-old will once again be entering uncharted
domain during a finish of August: during Misano (ITA), he will competition his
initial DTM competition as a guest starter in a BMW M4 DTM. As a “newcomer”,
he will still be faced with unknown elements. What are the
expectations of his guest appearance? What is a biggest challenge
confronting a DTM rookie? What is special about a BMW M4 DTM? We have
a answers to this doubt and more, pleasantness of genuine DTM
insiders: from ITR Chairman Gerhard Berger, Zanardi’s BMW DTM
team-mates, Mercedes motorist Gary Paffett and former Audi driver
Mattias Ekström, to BMW group alloy Dr. Riccardo Ceccarelli. We have
put them together in a special “DTM Guide” for Zanardi.


Mr. Berger, what do we design from Alessandro Zanardi’s guest
start in a DTM?


Gerhard Berger: “The DTM is unequivocally looking brazen to this initial at
Misano; a night race, a  Adriatic coast, a Gianna Nannini concert
and, on tip of all that, a guest entrance by Alex Zanardi – it is
going to be a unequivocally special motorsport festival during a finish of August!
We are unequivocally looking brazen to it, and are intrigued to see how Alex
will transport during a circle of a BMW M4 DTM in what is a
fiercely-competitive margin in a DTM. Alex was during Budapest during the
start of Jun to benefit an sense of today’s DTM. It was transparent to
everybody there that he is entrance this with good fun and
curiosity, though also with a required assisting of ambition. As an
IndyCar champion and mixed Olympic bullion medallist, Alex is renowned
for always being as good prepared and encouraged as probable whenever
he takes on his sporting challenges. This season’s races have shown
emphatically that a DTM is a sporting plea during a top level.”


Gary Paffett, how does a antithesis feel about Zanardi’s
guest start in a DTM?


Gary Paffett: “I used to watch Alex racing in IndyCar. He was an
impossibly successful and quick motorist there until a collision he had
during a Lausitzring, that was tragic, really. But given afterwards he has
been unequivocally inspirational. To come behind like he has and to contest at
a turn he has in many disciplines is an impulse to anyone and
usually shows his passion and expostulate for motorsport and for competing. For
him to come and expostulate and competition and contest for one weekend in a DTM
is amazing. It is such a rival array that we consider entrance in is
going to be impossibly tough for him, though he is apparently adult for the
quarrel and we am looking brazen to saying him on lane during Misano.
Again, it’s usually unequivocally extraordinary that he has done that arrange of choice
and has a possibility to come and competition in a DTM with us.”


Mattias Ekström, how is it to competition in a DTM as a guest starter?


Mattias Ekström: “I suspicion it was cold to start as a guest driver. I
wanted to bid farewell to my fans and was means to put my feet down and
have fun though feeling any pressure. The competition formula were really
not that significant.”


Timo, what is a biggest plea when racing in a DTM
for a initial time?


Timo Glock: “I still remember good that we indeed had a unequivocally good
feeling after a tests. Then we came to a initial competition – and
all was different. The plea was not to be put off your
stride. Everything is opposite during a DTM competition weekend. The report is
unequivocally tight. You positively need to get used to that. However, we am sure
that Alex will cope good during Misano.”


Bruno, what distinguishes a BMW M4 DTM from a GT or furloughed car?


Bruno Spengler: “The BMW M4 DTM is totally opposite to a GT car.
It is grown to a unequivocally top standard. The cornering speeds are
good fun, due to a high volume of downforce. It is also
extremely lighter. The temperatures in a cockpit are actually
reduce than in a GT car. It is a bit like pushing a Formula car, but
Alex knows all about that from former times. As such, we consider he’ll
have a lot of fun in a BMW M4 DTM.”


Marco, how does it feel to expostulate in your home competition in a DTM?


Marco Wittmann: “A home competition is always a bit special, since you
have a lot of fans and supporters there. All your family and friends
are also customarily there to support you. There is also a lot more
seductiveness from a media. The concentration is resolutely on you. If we are then
successful, it is apparently even some-more fun. we apparently wish that Alex
does good in his home races but, whatever happens, it will definitely
be a unequivocally special eventuality for him.”


Philipp, how, as a DTM rookie, are we means to immediately
come in and expostulate during a limit?


Philipp Eng: “I trust that we can't means to let yourself be
dreaming too most by all going on around you. All we have to
do is to expostulate as quick as probable around a circuit. And Alex can do
that with his eyes closed.”


Dr. Ceccarelli, what is a best approach to prepared for a DTM competition weekend?


Dr. Riccardo Ceccarelli: “For Alex, for sure, it will be physically
no problem since everybody knows that he is super fit. He competes in
para-cycling during a top level, during a Paralympic Games and the
universe championships. we also had a possibility to see how he behaved in
a 24-hour competition during Spa . The earthy side is a slightest of problems
for Alex. The usually thing is that he needs to go behind to his previous
knowledge of scurry racing with full attack. It is some-more an adaptation
on a mental side because, during a moment, his knowledge is in the
continuation area, both in para-cycling and in racing. For him it will be
about scheming to be mentally prepared for subordinate and afterwards going on
a conflict in a scurry race.”


Note to editors:

In a entrance weeks until Zanardi’s guest entrance during Misano, we
will recover several facilities per technology, reserve and other topics.



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