"When we grow adult wish to work during SEAT"

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It’s Saturday morning and Juan Manuel has woken adult a bit after than usual. But he’ll be streamer to a same place as from Monday to Friday: a SEAT factory. Today, however, is a special day. He’ll be assimilated by his family, who are going to get a demeanour during where he works, and together they’ll learn certain areas of a bureau that even Juan doesn’t know anything about.

As they lift adult to a site, Juan Manuel calls their attention: “Everything we see adult forward is SEAT”. “It’s huge!” reacts his daughter Paula, wide-eyed. Once they’re inside a factory, her father shows them his workstation in Assembly Workshop 10. “Wow, demeanour during all a cars here!”, exclaims his eldest son. He’s usually 8 years aged though he knows what he wants: “When we grow adult we wish to work during SEAT”. “He’s been insane about cars ever given he was a toddler”, explains Juan Manuel.

Like Juan Manuel and his family, thousands of people including employees, family members and friends have visited a Spanish carmaker’s comforts this Saturday. “This eventuality is unequivocally critical to us since it strengthens a special ties that a employees, as good as their families and friends, have with SEAT”, says Markus Schmaderer, who is obliged for Human Resources Personnel Development during SEAT.

In a Technical Centre, Damià stops with his daughter to take a demeanour during one of a LED headlights in a light tunnel, where he works each day. “Dad, what lights do we make?”, she asks. This worker proudly tells us that he was anxious to uncover his daughter where he works. “I come to work here each day and it’s unequivocally special to be means to share it with my family”.

At a same time though a few kilometres away, Paint Workshop worker María’s son is carrying fun with his father personification container cars in an area set adult for tiny children to entertain themselves. Meanwhile, her 5-year-old daughter is bustling finger-painting a automobile and happily exclaims “this is fun, mummy, when we grow adult we wish to paint cars, too”.

Workers and their families come and go all day long. It’s a prohibited day though nobody wanted to skip out on a bureau immersion. The daredevils done their approach to a Leon X-PERIENCE exam expostulate area, where specialised monitors gathering people around a dedicated march that mimicks opposite forms of terrain. “It was great!”, says Carlos’ nephew Pedro. “What did we expect? This automobile can cope with anything!” proudly answers his uncle, who works in a Bodyshop.

Juan Manuel and his family are ragged out. They’ve spent a final several hours exploring a bureau and gripping a children happy on a trampolines, in a buoyant castles, and with balloon sculpture and face-painting workshops. But before returning home, they wanted to leave a possibility to revisit a bureau of a President, Jürgen Stackmann for a final minute. Paula climbs into his chair and informs everyone: “When we grow adult we wish to run a large company, too!” Juan’s eyes light up. It’s been a long, overpowering day, “but it was good value it”, he admits.

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