With WEC feat during Spa, Audi stays unbeaten

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Maximum efficiency: With positions one, dual and 3 in subordinate and a race, a 3 Audi hybrid sports cars achieved a best probable result. In a foe of a hybrid vehicles, Audi distinguished a feat opposite Toyota for a second time in duration this year. In a deteriorate opener during Silverstone, a foe cars from Ingolstadt and Neckarsulm managed a one-two win 3 weeks ago.

On a approach to their initial WEC feat of a season, a World Champions Marcel Fässler/André Lotterer/Benoît Treluyer (CH/D/F) delivered a clever performance. The contingent crossed a finish line with an advantage of 1m 05s after carrying suffered set-back on a roller-coaster in a Ardennes during a commencement of a race. In a second hour of a race, a square of waste shop-worn a tire and forced André Lotterer to make an early array stop. From seventh place Benoît Tréluyer, who had taken over pushing duties during a stop, battled to recover. 74 mins later, automobile series one was using in front again.

The Silverstone winners Loïc Duval/Tom Kristensen/Allan McNish (F/DK/GB) achieved second place. In a standings, a French-Danish-Scottish twin is trailing their associate drivers in automobile series 1, who are holding an additional indicate home for carrying posted a best subordinate time in Belgium, by usually one point.

A conspicuous opening was achieved by Marc Gené/Lucas di Grassi/Oliver Jarvis (E/BR/GB). They common a series 3 hybrid sports car, that has already been aerodynamically optimized for a arriving run during Le Mans. With that, a automobile was not a best resolution for a 7.004-kilometer circuit in a Ardennes yet Audi is means to benefit profitable commentary from a information of both automobile types. The reduce downforce of a foe automobile positively did not make doing it in a many discerning turns in Belgium any easier. Still, a Audi motorist contingent crossed a finish line in front of a best Toyota, automobile series 8.

The outcome in Belgium noted an extraordinary fourth continuation foe feat for a code this year. The success of a Audi R8 GRAND-AM in a GT category during a Daytona 24 Hours and feat during a Sebring 12 Hours with a Audi R18 e-tron quattro were followed by a dual WEC wins. The subsequent hire on a calendar will be Le Mans on Jun 9 when Audi Sport Team Joest is going to ready for a Le Mans 24 Hours on a central exam day. On Jun 22 and 23, Audi will aim to grasp a twelfth feat during a classical continuation race.

Quotes after a race

Dr. Wolfgang Ullrich (Head of Audi Motorsport): “The foe during Spa was critical for a credentials for a Le Mans 24 Hours. That’s since we also fielded a third automobile with an aerodynamics pattern that we’re substantially going to use during Le Mans. While that was arguably not a best resolution for Spa, it valid to be viable. The performances of all 3 cars were during a unequivocally high turn via a race. We also saw that a foe done things flattering formidable for us. This conflict was about tenths. We done no mistakes, a cars were using ideally and a drivers were discerning yet holding extreme risks. The tires worked out unequivocally good too. The group achieved optimal array stops during that we gained time over a competition. But we know that Le Mans will be a unequivocally formidable foe this time.”

Christopher Reinke (Overall Project Leader LMP): “We’re unequivocally happy since we should never design such a result. We’re concentrating on Le Mans and, on a way, have achieved a good feat during Spa. That’s a good relief. We tackled a good plea since we put 3 foe cars on a grid here for a initial time. At a same time, Audi Sport is contesting a DTM deteriorate opener during Hockenheim as well.”

Ralf Jüttner (Technical Director Audi Sport Team Joest):
“That was a glorious group opening by a drivers and a squad. Up to a retirement of a series 7 Toyota it was also a unequivocally stirring battle. The cars were using like clockwork, a array stops and a devise were all on a mark. It’s good that all 9 drivers mounted a podium. We’re roving to Le Mans good prepared.”

Marcel Fässler (Audi R18 e-tron quattro #1): “A extensive weekend. After a puncture we had to redeem as most time as possible. Everybody gave everything. The guys in a pits did a illusory pursuit too. That was a super good day for all of us.”

André Lotterer (Audi R18 e-tron quattro #1): “What a race! The one-two-three win for Audi is fantastic. We had a lot of obstacles in a race. we didn’t have a good start yet discerning managed to benefit an advantage, yet afterwards we mislaid it again due to a reserve automobile duration and a puncture. After that, it was usually full stifle for us. Marcel and Benoît gathering brilliantly. We recovered a loss. It was one of a nicest victories since it was a hard-fought one. And we grew adult in Belgium and won here for a initial time.”

Benoît Tréluyer (Audi R18 e-tron quattro #1): “The feat is good yet achieving it was flattering difficult. We mislaid a lot of time due to a reserve automobile duration and a puncture. Afterward, all of us gave all and that paid off. Our Audi R18 e-tron quattro was perfect. It’s a good outcome for a whole group that did a illusory job.”

Loïc Duval (Audi R18 e-tron quattro #2):
“Our foe started well. we modernized and was means to build a bit of an advantage. Things were going good when a lane was clear. But later, we gifted heavier trade on lane than ever before in my career. Others took large risks yet when you’re heading you’re a bit some-more careful. We weren’t as discerning as automobile series 1 and are going to investigate this formed on a data. But it’s been a good day for Audi.”

Tom Kristensen (Audi R18 e-tron quattro #2): “The one-two-three feat is illusory for Audi. Everything was going according to plan, a whole group did a unequivocally good job. It’s good to have beaten Toyota – even yet they had problems. Before Le Mans, we continue to have a biggest honour for them. As distant as a group is concerned: Loïc and Allan delivered a clever drive. Unlike a winning car, we were struggling a bit with miss of tire grip. Marcel, André and Benoît gathering unequivocally good and merit this victory. We’re now roughly equal to them in a points standings. The doubled points measure for Le Mans will still be critical in a conflict for a title. It’ll continue to be thrilling.”

Allan McNish (Audi R18 e-tron quattro #2): “The one-two-three win was good for a team. Furthermore, a new aero container for automobile series 3 creates us assured for Le Mans. The automobile was flattering discerning in subordinate and in a race. Unfortunately, for a motorist squad, a outcome was a bit disappointing. We weren’t as discerning as we’d been at   Silverstone, so we’ve got to investigate where we mislaid time. In a points standings, we’re trailing a team-mates by only one point. Each of a dual motorist crews has achieved a feat and a second place. At Le Mans, Loïc, Tom and we wish to be behind on a tip of a podium.”

Marc Gené (Audi R18 e-tron quattro #3): “At a start, we had to get out of André Lotterer’s approach and so mislaid my starting position. The atmosphere vigour in my initial set of tires was a bit high yet a foe was still good for us. It was transparent that we wouldn’t be means to keep adult with a cars of a team-mates. The whole group schooled a lot currently and we’re happy about carrying contributed a partial to this.”

Lucas di Grassi (Audi R18 e-tron quattro #3): “We competed with a opposite automobile judgment than a dual cars with some-more downforce. In a end, we achieved a lectern and so a outcome that even surpassed a expectations a bit.”

Oliver Jarvis (Audi R18 e-tron quattro #3):
“Our foe went as expected. In qualifying, we caused a surprise. We knew that a foe would be formidable for us since a tires degraded some-more heavily. Third place is a best we could wish for. Congratulations to a winners who were clever today.”

Race results

1 Fässler/Lotterer/Tréluyer (Audi R18 e-tron quattro) 168 laps
2 Duval/Kristensen/McNish (Audi R18 e-tron quattro) + 1m 05.815s
3 Gené/di Grassi/Jarvis (Audi R18 e-tron quattro) + 1m 54.992s
4 Buemi/Davidson/Sarrazin (Toyota) – 1 lap
5 Heidfeld/Jani/Prost (Lola-Toyota) – 3 laps
6 Beche/Belicchi/Cheng (Lola-Toyota) – 3 laps
7 Kane/Leventis/Watts (HPD-Honda) – 7 laps
8 Kaffer/Perez Companc/Minassian (Oreca-Nissan) – 11 laps
9 Brundle/Heinemeier-Hansson/Pla (Morgan-Nissan) – 11 laps
10 Dolan/Luhr/Turvey (Zytek-Nissan) – 11 laps

– End –

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