Work starts on BMW Plant Leipzig extension

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Leipzig. The BMW Group is to deposit some-more than €300
million in a Leipzig plant. Comprehensive construction work to
extend and refurbish a physique and paint shops, public and logistics is
already underneath way, laying a substructure for continued expansion and the
prolongation of destiny models in Leipzig.

The categorical concentration of activities during a plant is to boost annual
prolongation ability by approx. 100,000 units, from a stream 250,000
to about 350,000 p.a. in 2020. Production of BMW i models will rise
many earlier, in autumn of this year, from 130 to 200 units a day to
accommodate a acquire expansion in demand.

“We have each faith in a skills and capability of employees at
a Leipzig plant,” pronounced Oliver Zipse, BMW AG Board Member for
Production. “So it’s usually judicious that, with a measures we are
introducing now, we should make a plant even some-more stretchable and,
above all, some-more fit to keep it rival in a future.”

This critical step for a association as good as a Leipzig/Halle
segment and a giveaway state of Saxony was now celebrated in a presence
of a Minister for Transport and Digital Infrastructure, Andreas
Scheuer; a Minister President of a Free State of Saxony, Michael
Kretschmer; a First Mayor of a City of Leipzig, Torsten Bonew; the
Board Member for Production, Oliver Zipse; Plant Director, Hans-Peter
Kemser, and Works Council Chairman, Jens Köhler.

Andreas Scheuer, German Minister for Transport and Digital
Infrastructure: “Germany is a land of mobility. The automotive
attention is a heading zone – and that’s not about to change. It
has combined jobs for hundreds of thousands of people and will continue
to do so in a future. We now have a possibility to move new German
expostulate technologies onto a market, and contingency make electric mobility
genuine for people and remonstrate them with performance.”

Minister President Michael Kretschmer: “This plant prolongation is a
transparent pointer that will strengthen Saxony even serve as an industry
bottom and secure good jobs for a Leipzig region. we am gay that
BMW stays true to Leipzig and continues to make major
investments here.”

“What’s many critical to me, as Plant Director, is a company’s
transparent uncover of trust in a employees and a region,” pronounced Hans-Peter
Kemser. BMW Group Plant Leipzig initial launched array prolongation in
Mar 2005, with 2,000 employees. Another 3,300 jobs have given been
created, holding a sum headcount to over 5,300 today. Since series
prolongation was initial launched, in Mar 2005, some-more than 2.3 million
vehicles have rolled off a prolongation lines in Leipzig, and
investments have totalled approx. €3 billion.

Works Council Chairman Jens Köhler emphasised: “Today is an extremely
critical day for a employees. These investments will secure our
jobs here in Leipzig and safeguard a plant is future-proof.”


Flexibility is gaining vital significance in automotive production

The BMW Group is now scheming all of a plants to integrate
entirely electric vehicles into their existent structures so that they
can furnish combustion-powered, hybrid and entirely electric vehicles simultaneously.

BMW Group Plant Leipzig is no exception. Here, pioneering work has
already reinvented and revolutionised a make of electric and
plug-in hybrid vehicles, heading to a launch of BMW i3 prolongation in
2013, followed by a BMW i8 in 2014 and a BMW i8 Roadster in March
2018. Meanwhile, classical prolongation during a site has been consistently
extended throughout. Leipzig’s years of imagination in a margin of
electric car prolongation is now being rolled out opposite a BMW
Group’s tellurian prolongation system.

“We are holding a useful believe from Plant Leipzig to
comforts opposite a prolongation network. Current prolongation of the
BMW i3 and BMW i8, in eccentric structures, will continue
unaffected. Over a longer term, Leipzig will gradually develop
further, capitalising on a opportunities of digitalisation and
apropos some-more stretchable to capacitate vehicles with any form of powertrain
to be constructed together on a singular public line,” Plant Director
Hans-Peter Kemser explained.


Conversions underneath approach via a plant

The arise in annual outlay of 100,000 units adult to 2020 will be enabled
by extensive extensions and conversions in all a core
technologies. The latest complement technologies will be introduced,
processes and structures reviewed and refined, and existent comforts extended.

Paint emporium – larger, some-more efficient, even some-more provident with resources

The categorical concentration of a developments during Plant Leipzig is a paint
shop. This will be extended by 300 m to a north and south, with new
buildings covering an area of 11,950 m2. The pivotal features
will be a second entirely programmed top-coat paint line in a south
extension, and a new pre-treatment complement and cathodic drop in the
north. Together, they will boost paint emporium ability by some-more than
40 percent.

The introduction of cutting-edge IPP (integrated paint process;
filler-free) record will revoke appetite expenditure per section by 15
percent, H2O expenditure by about 30 percent, and wastewater
prolongation by roughly 45 percent. In a medium-term these
resource-friendly technologies will also be integrated into the
existent paint emporium line.


Body emporium – new attention robots and more

Structures and routine systems in a bodyshop will also see
modifications, with roughly 500 additional cutting-edge attention robots
to be propitious over a subsequent few years. Further adjustments will be made
to circuit systems, laying a substructure for prolongation of future
models. In addition, Plant Leipzig will benefit significance as an in-house
retailer of doors and lids within a BMW Group prolongation network.


Assembly – intelligent appurtenance assistance by digitalisation

Assembly is also being upgraded, with a totally new scenery roof
wise complement already combined in Mar of this year. The 40-tonne piece
of high-tech apparatus is faster, some-more stretchable and can fit
substantial some-more variants than a predecessor.

In addition, preparations are underneath approach for a targeted use of
human-robot partnership systems. These need no protective
barriers and therefore concede robots to support associates even more
closely as they work. One such complement is already in operation, bonding
windscreens into a BMW i3.

Assembly is also to be extended, with some 3,500 m2 being
combined to a existent footprint to emanate space for a additional
workstations compulsory for destiny models.


Logistics – ideal upsurge of goods; commander projects for
emissions-free transport
Perfect logistics are the
fortitude of automotive production. With several thousand components
indispensable to make personal mobility on 4 wheels a reality, a €300
million investment in Leipzig will also concentration on adjustments and
optimisations to element upsurge systems.

Activities will centre on a value-stream concentration – on short, efficient,
good thought-out and therefore waste-free partial flows and workflows
via a plant.

As elsewhere, digital technologies are increasingly holding reason in
bland logistics. Some solutions are still being tested, such as
logistics systems for unconstrained enclosure feeds, or a use of
hydrogen-powered industrial trucks, that is now being tested in
a serve commander plan with partners. The hydrogen vehicles will
concede zero-emissions logistics on a plant premises and have their
possess refuelling comforts within a prolongation halls.


Pictures will be published on May 24.

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